Celebrity Race Across the World coming to BBC One

A celebrity special of Race Across the World is coming soon to BBC One.


Fresh from the end of series three of the main show, a spin-off with famous faces is on its way to screens.

Celebrity Race Across the World was first announced back in 2019 but production was halted due to the pandemic.

A first teaser trailer debuted following the final of Race Across the World tonight (10 May) on BBC One, however an air date and line up have yet to be confirmed.

Race Across the World sees pairs racing against one another to reach a far-flung destination without the use of air travel, smart phones or credit cards.

Instead, they’re given the equivalent cost of a one-way plane ticket in cash to make their way to the end point. Competitors also get a few basic tools, including a world map, a GPS device and local travel guides.

In in the new celebrity series, four familiar faces will race with a loved one or close friend from the start line in one part of the world to the finish thousands of miles away.

David Brindley, Head of Commissioning, Popular Factual and Factual Entertainment, said: “We’ve been thrilled by the success of Race Across the World on BBC Two and now are incredibly excited to bring some famous faces to what will be an adrenaline-filled and entertaining series on BBC One.

“Our celebrities won’t be able to rely on their fame and fortune on this journey and we can’t wait to see whose wit and skill gets them to the finish line first, in what is fast becoming one of the most revealing and testing challenges on TV.”


Tim Harcourt, Creative Director at programme makers Studio Lambert, added: “This format has been described as fiendishly addictive and was a smash hit for both viewers and critics alike. I can’t wait to see celebrities undergoing the transformative powers of this global race at ground level.”

Celebrity Race Across The World will air over six episodes.