Pointless applications: Apply to be a contestant on the BBC One series

Here’s how to apply to be a contestant on Pointless for its next series in 2024.

Pointless first launched on BBC Two back in 2009 before moving to BBC One in 2011 after proving a huge hit.

Applications are now open for teams of two to take part in the next series.

Alexander Armstrong
Alexander Armstrong

Pointless applications

The Pointless team ask: “Could you trust your mum, brother, housemate, or your partner to help you win big under pressure? We would love to hear from pairs of fun, lively people who think they can take up the Pointless challenge.”

You must be at least 18 to apply and the closing date for applications is 7 December 2023 at midnight.

You can apply online by clicking here.

How does Pointless work?

In every game, teams of two contestants have to find correct but obscure answers to general knowledge questions in order to score as few points as possible.

All the questions asked were previously put to 100 individuals. Contestants seek to find correct answers that were given by as few people as possible. A (correct) answer not is are considered Pointless.

Each pointless answer given during the main game increases the jackpot by £250 where one team must find one pointless answer in a selection of categories.

If they do, they take home the money in the pot but if not, the jackpot total rolls over to the next episode.

But whatever the outcome, they do get to take home the Pointless trophy…

Pointless currently airs at 5:15PM on week nights on BBC One.

There’s also Pointless Celebrities which regular airs Saturday evenings.

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