Piers Morgan’s Life Stories with Labour leader Keir Starmer on ITV

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Sir Keir Starmer air date

Piers Morgan will return to ITV for a special episode of Life Stories interviewing Labour leader Keir Starmer.


Piers – who quit his role on Good Morning Britain earlier this year – will be seen back on TV next month.

He’ll be chatting to Sir Keir Starmer, leader of the Labour party since April 2020, about his childhood, career in law and move into politics.

Piers Morgan said: “It’s very unusual for party political leaders to submit themselves to such lengthy personal interviews and I am delighted that Sir Keir has agreed to talk to me about his fascinating life.

“It promises to be a memorable and very revealing Life Stories show.”

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories: Sir Keir Starmer will air on ITV and ITV Hub on Tuesday, 1 June at 9:30PM.

Head of Entertainment at ITV, Katie Rawcliffe, added: “Piers Morgan’s Life Stories offers a detailed, personal look at some of the most famous characters around the globe.


“Piers is fantastic at getting people to open up about their lives, loves and losses. Sir Keir Starmer promises to be a real treat.”

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories with Keir Starmer will air on ITV and ITV Hub later this year with an air date to be confirmed.

Piers Morgan’s Life Stories has aired for over a decade on ITV since first premiering in 2009.


In each episode of the hit series, Piers will delve into the lives and minds of his guests, all of whom have enjoyed lengthy careers under the glare of the media spotlight.

Stars in the previous series, which concluded in March, included award-winning actor and writer Rupert Everett, reality star Gemma Collins, presenter and actress Trisha Goddard, and world champion ex-boxer Chris Eubank.