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Perfect House, Secret Location: Steve Jones to front new Channel 4 property show

Steve Jones is to front a brand new property series on Channel 4.


Perfect House, Secret Location will see prospective buyers shown around a range of dream properties… but they will have no idea where in the UK their potential homes are.

Channel 4 share: “Each episode of this entertaining four-part property series from Curve Media will follow a family who are keen to move to their dream home but can’t agree on location.

“After establishing their house wish list, host Steve Jones will accompany them as they embark on an unpredictable journey of twists and turns as they view and judge a range of properties that they might never have considered before.

“The families will be taken to each of the potentially perfect properties and, along with viewers ‘playing along’ at home, will have no idea where in the country they might be! Going in completely blindfolded, the house hunters could be in for a pleasant surprise when they discover just how far their budgets could stretch around different parts of the country.

“To enhance the location guessing-game, there will be playful clues and some red-herrings as to where the properties are. Each episode will be packed with multiple surprises as each property’s location is revealed.

“Once their locations are unveiled, the families will explore the unfamiliar location before deciding which home to place an offer on and making the leap from their old lives to very new ones.”

Presenter Steve Jones said: “I love a property show and I’m honoured to have been asked to present such an exciting and original format in Perfect House, Secret Location. I can’t wait to guide our families on their magical mystery tours!”

Filming will begin in autumn with those wanting to take part inviting to apply online via


Channel 4’s Clemency Green, Commissioning Editor, Features & Daytime, said: “The 21st Century has given more of us the freedom to live, work and play wherever we like, which provides the set-up for this fun new property show. With the brilliant and well-travelled Steve Jones as our guide, the series will simultaneously have us all guessing along while inspiring our sense of adventure’

Curve Media’s Charlie Bunce, Executive Producer, added: “It’s really exciting to be involved in creating a new show that’s fun, entertaining, and completely of the moment. This format opens our contributors and viewers eyes to the opportunities out there to make a move that’s about more than a new house, it’s also about a new life.”

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