Love Island’s Eve and Jess pick their boys leaving two other girls single

Love Island SPOILERS

Love Island 2020 twins Eve Gale and Jess Gale have caused a stir following tonight’s big twist.


On Sunday night Love Island’s sixth season kicked off with five new girls and five new boys.

But no sooner had they coupled up, a pair of blonde bombshells walked in.

Twins Eve and Jess made a dramatic entrance before being told they would each be choosing one boy to couple up with, leaving two girls single and vulnerable.

In a text tonight, they were told: “It’s now time for you to choose which boys you want to couple up with. All Islanders must gather at the fire pit #yoursforthetaking #doublewhammy”

First to choose was Jess. She chose to couple up with Mike who was originally coupled up with Leanne.

Next to choose was Eve. She chose to couple up with Callum who was originally coupled up with Shaughna.


Therefore, Leanne and Shaughna have been left single.

A follow up text then announced: “Later this week all Islanders will take part in a recoupling. Anyone not picked to be in a couple will be dumped from the Island.”

Before making their decision, the twins clashed over their choices after both revealing they wanted to couple up with Callum.

As Eve told her sister who she wanted to choose, Jess admitted: “I can’t believe you made that decision. How come you made that decision?”

Eve said: “I don’t know that’s just the way I feel.”

Jess replied: “Eve, can I just please explain?”

Eve responded: “We’re not arguing over a guy Jess, this isn’t happening.”

Jess added: “You’re annoying me so much.”

Eve said: “Honestly Jess, sometimes you baffle me.”


Love Island 2020 airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

Elsewhere in this evening’s episode, the Islanders’ secrets were exposed as they took part in the first challenge of the series, Spill The tea.