Love Island 2020 cast’s secrets exposed in the first challenge

Love Island 2020’s first challenge tonight saw the cast’s secrets exposed.


Sunday evening introduced us to this year’s Islanders at a new villa in South Africa.

Five guys and five girls took part in the first coupling before a pair of twins joined the group in a shock first twist.

Tonight saw the first challenge of the series as all twelve of the Islanders played Spill The Tea.

Receiving a text, the Islanders were told: “It’s time to stir things up as your steamy secrets are revealed in today’s boys vs girls challenge… Spill The Tea. #troubleisbrewing #turnoveranewleaf”

Jess during the challenge, Spill The Tea.
Jess during the challenge, Spill The Tea.

The Islanders took it in turns to plunge into a tea cup and fish out a tea bag, which contained a fact about an Islander of the opposite sex.

They then kissed the Islander they believed the statement referred to.


Here were the statements and results…

This girl’s ex-boyfriend just had a Number 1 single in the UK and US (Lewis Capaldi) – Paige

This girl loves Star Wars and owns a Star Wars encyclopedia – Shaughna

This girl claims to have exchanged messages with a flirty rapper (Tyga) – Eve

This girl’s favourite sex position is all of them – Sophie

This boy’s favourite sex position is the butter churner – Callum

This boy has cheated on an ex-girlfriend eight or nine times – Ollie


This boy has slept with over 100 people – Connor

The most amount of money this boy has spent on a first date is £20 – Nas

The most adventurous thing this boy has used in the bedroom is whipped cream – Mike

This boy once fell asleep during sex – Nas

Love Island 2020 airs nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

Elsewhere this evening, twins Jess Gale and Eve Gale found themselves with a big decision to make.

On entering the villa last night they were told they had to each pick one boy to couple up with, breaking up two of the original couples and leaving the girls single and vulnerable.

Siânnise and Shaughna during the challenge, Spill The Tea.
Siânnise and Shaughna during the challenge, Spill The Tea.

The twins discussed their first impressions of the boys and spoke about upsetting the other girls.


Eve admitted: “We’ve got to do what we’ve got to do. I’m conscious I don’t want to upset anyone, hurt anyone’s feelings.”

Love Island 2020 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2.

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