Love Island’s Amber Gill eyes up Joe Garratt after recoupling

Amber Gill appears to make a move on Joe Garratt in tonight’s Love Island.

It follows Joe being left single after Tommy Fury coupled up with Lucie Donlan in last night’s recoupling.

As new couple Tommy and Lucie head out on a date, Amber makes the most out of Lucie being out of the villa on her date and starts grafting Joe as they speak on the day beds.

Joe ponders over his newly single status. He remarks: “Now I’m technically single.”

Amber replies: “No, you are single. There are no two ways about it hun.”

Joe asks Amber: “If a couple of girls came in, would you sweat?”

Amber says: “No, I wouldn’t sweat. I’m not like you!”

The conversation then moves towards Amber’s current coupling with Callum. Amber says “He [Callum] knows that nothing is there. It’s not happening. I need someone with a bit more about them.”

Speaking to both Anton and Joe, Amber says “The stupidest thing I did was not step forward for him” referring to Joe.

Lucie returns from her date with Tommy and Joe ponders on what may have happened on their date.

Speaking with Michael and Anton by the fire pit, Joe says “I reckon she had a decent time.”

In an attempt to reassure Joe, Michael says “She probably did have a decent time. But at the end of the day that doesn’t solidify anything. Just because she had a good night with him, that doesn’t mean she’s kissed him or she’s feeling him. Listen to me…before you get emotional because I know you’re about to get emotional.”

Shortly after, Lucie speaks with Joe about her date with Tommy.

Joe says “You’re probably not ready to talk about stuff right now and it’s fine, we’ll hold it back another day, but I feel like you’ve come back and you’re keeping your options open.”

Lucie says “I just want to go to sleep”. In an attempt to escape all the drama Lucie spends the night on the sofa.

Meanwhile, the next day as Tommy grows worried about Lucie’s loyalty to Joe, he tries to secure his place in the villa by also speaking to Amber by the pool.

Tommy says “I went on that date last night and it was a good date but I feel like I woke up this morning and you can’t put all your eggs in one basket. I know you’re a straight up girl so what I want to know is…would you be open to getting to know me?”

Amber replies “Yeah. I’m getting to know everyone. I’m not putting my eggs in one basket!”

Is Tommy interested in taking things further with Amber or is he just trying to send waves towards Lucie and get her attention?

Love Island airs at 9PM on ITV2.