Love Island: Villa explodes as fallout from the couples vote causes chaos

What happened on Love Island last night? Recap!

It was an explosive episode of Love Island 2021 last night as chaos reigned in the villa.

In Tuesday’s episode the results of the compatibility vote lead to a number of arguments in the Villa.

The previous saw the Islanders learn that Faye & Teddy, Priya & Brett, Mary & Aaron and Liberty & Jake had been voted as the least compatible by their fellow couples.

Following a public vote, Priya & Brett were dumped from the villa – but not before Priya revealed to Faye that it wasn’t them who voted for her & Teddy.

Yesterday evening saw Faye & Teddy keen to find out who voted for them as least compatible.

Discussing his and Faye’s nominations, Teddy admitted: “I feel hurt by the guys’ decisions, more so because they haven’t given me honest opinions. So I am going to look at them very differently from here on out. It is what it is.”

Faye agreed: “When people haven’t voiced it and then been our biggest supporter and then been cheering us on and stuff, it does hurt because I do care about your guys’ opinions.”

Later the pair were seen confronting Jake & Liberty and Tyler & Kaz about voting for them, resulting in Faye lashing out at Jake.

“You have f***ed me off now,” she snapped at him. “I’m so done with you Jake. Unreal”

Reflecting on the situation, Liberty said: “We knew people might vote for us because of what we’ve been through.

“At the end of the day we knew we’d be an option and we guessed it. We’re fine about it.”

Jake added: “Everyone’s entitled to their opinion, it’s as simple as that.”

Meanwhile, Kaz clashed with Aaron as they also discussed who voted for who.

Aaron mused: “It shows people’s true colours doesn’t it, so…”

Elsewhere in the latest episode there was some light-hearted relief as the Islanders off their hidden talents in a villa talent show.

Performances included ‘Jiberty’ performing a Grease-themed duet and Millie playing a tune on the keyboard.

Love Island 2021 continues nightly at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub.