Love Island’s Priya and Brett speak out after they’re dumped from the villa

Brett Staniland and Priya Gopaldas have spoken out after their exit from Love Island 2021.


The pair were voted off Love Island last night after a public vote.

Departing the villa, Priya said: “I feel like I’ve made lifelong friendships with a lot of the girls. But because Brett and I were the only friendship couple there, it was inevitable that we were going to leave.

“I’m glad that all the other couples in there are super solid and they have a chance to stay, it’s only fair they stayed and we left.

“It was good fun. I was totally out of my comfort zone for a lot of the challenges but all in all a unique and memorable experience and one that I’ll never forget.”

On her future with Brett, Priya said: “We are going to be friends and I reckon our friendship is going to last a long time. We are so similar and we got on so well.

“I don’t think there is anything romantic there but I know for certain there will be a friendship.”


As for Brett, he said: “Now both of us taking a little bit of a step back will actually help our relationship, whether we do just remain friends in the future or we try and date or whatever. I think it will be beneficial for us.

“Meeting Priya was honestly a blessing. Regardless of what happens, I know I’ve got a really good friend there at the very least. Who I will go to in the future, and that’s a long-lasting relationship for sure.”

Meanwhile looking ahead to the final, the pair shared their tips on who would win.

Priya said: “I think Millie and Liam will win. They’ve been on such a journey. From what I have seen in the Villa, they are inseparable. They are literally attached to each other. It’s lovely to see that. They are adorable together.”

Brett said: “I think they will all have relationships outside of the Villa to some extent. I think some of them will face more challenges than others with distance and hobbies and stuff outside of the Villa. Because when you’re in there, all you can do is spend time with each other and there’s no distractions.

“Millie and Liam and Chloe and Toby – they are together all day every day, you have to peel them off each other, especially Millie and Liam.”


Love Island continues nightly on ITV2 and ITV Hub.

The final airs next Monday night as viewers crown this year’s winning couple.