Love Island 2021 winners, contestants, cast and results from Season 7

Love Island season 7 contestants and results

Here’s a run down of the Love Island 2021 contestants on the cast of Season 7 and all the results.


A sizzling time awaits for a brand new selection of singletons looking for love as the nation’s hottest conversation topic, Love Island, returns after more than a year off-air

Laura Whitmore is back to present as Love Island’s sunny Spanish villa welcomes a brand new cast of Islanders ready to embark on a summer of dating, romance, and ultimately relationships. Laura is joined by real life partner Iain Stirling who will offer up his inimitable take on all the goings on as narrator of the series.

The singletons must try their utmost to couple up, date and flirt in the hope of not being voted off the Island. With each episode comes new challenges including shock arrivals. Who’s head will turn?

The series concludes as a pairing triumph as Love Island 2021 winners – sharing a £50k cash prize.

Here’s a recap of the cast of Love Island 2021 contestants and all the results.

Love Island 2021 cast

The girls

WINNER Millie Court – 24-year-old fashion buyer’s administrator from Essex.
SECOND PLACE Chloe Burrows – 25-year-old Financial Services Marketing Executive from Bicester
THIRD PLACE Faye Winter – 26-year-old Lettings Manager from Devon
FOURTH PLACE Kaz Kamwi – 26-year-old Fashion Blogger from Essex


WALKED DAY 54 Liberty Poole – 21-year-old Waitress & Marketing Student from Birmingham
ELIMINATED DAY 52 Mary Bedford – 22-year-old model from Wakefield
ELIMINATED DAY 50 Priya Gopaldas – 23-year-old medical student from London
ELIMINATED DAY 42 Abigail Rawlings – 27-year-old tattoo artist from Beaconsfield who currently lives in Bournemouth.
ELIMINATED DAY 38 Amy Day – 25-year-old performer from Surrey
ELIMINATED DAY 38 Clarisse Juliette – 23-year-old brand owner/influencer from London
ELIMINATED DAY 32 Lillie Haynes – 22-year-old trainee accountant from South Shields

ELIMINATED DAY 32 Salma Naran – 20-year-old model/influencer from Dublin
ELIMINATED DAY 32 Kaila Troy – 28-year-old international DJ from Dublin
ELIMINATED DAY 28 Lucinda Strafford – 21-year-old online fashion boutique owner from Brighton
ELIMINATED DAY 25 Georgia Townend – 28-year-old marketing executive from Essex
ELIMINATED DAY 23 Andrea-Jane Bunker aka AJ – 28-year-old hair extension technician from Hertfordshire.
ELIMINATED DAY 19 Sharon Gaffka – 25-year-old Civil Servant – Operations Lead for Department of Transport from Oxford
ELIMINATED DAY 14 Rachel Finni – 29-year-old Luxury travel specialist from London
ELIMINATED DAY 2 Shannon Singh – 22-year-old Model from Fife

The boys

WINNER Liam Reardon – 21-year-old Bricklayer from Wales
SECOND PLACE Toby Aromolaran – 22-year-olf Semi-Pro Footballer from Essex
THIRD PLACE Teddy Soares – 26-year-old Senior Financial Consultant from Manchester
FOURTH PLACE Tyler Cruickshank – 26-year-old estate agent from Croydon.

WALKED DAY 54 Jake Cornish – 24-year-old Water Engineer from Weston-super-Mare
ELIMINATED DAY 52 Aaron Simpson – 24-year-old footballer from Kent
ELIMINATED DAY 50 Brett Staniland – 27-year-old PhD student and model from Derbyshire
ELIMINATED DAY 45 Matthew Macnabb – 26-year-old strategic marketing consultant from Belfast
ELIMINATED DAY 42 Dale Mehmet – 24-year-old barber from Glasgow
ELIMINATED DAY 38 Hugo Hammond – 24-year-old PE teacher from Hampshire
ELIMINATED DAY 38 Sam Jackson – 23-year-old maintenance engineer from Clitheroe

ELIMINATED DAY 32 Harry Young – 24-year-old car salesman from Glasgow
ELIMINATED DAY 32 Medhy Malanda – 24-year-old American football player from Belgium (now lives in Luton)
ELIMINATED DAY 32 Jack Barlow – 26-year-old racing driver and coach from East Sussex
ELIMINATED DAY 28 Aaron Francis – 24-year-old Luxury Events Host from London
ELIMINATED DAY 23 Danny Bibby – 25-year-old plumber and clothing brand owner from Wigan
ELIMINATED DAY 16 Brad McClelland – 26-year-old Labourer from Northumberland
ELIMINATED DAY 6 Chuggs Wallis – 23-year-old Business owner from London

Love Island 2021 will air on ITV2 and promises to be a hotbed of high drama, heartbreak, make ups and break ups.


Love Island Series 7 airs nightly at 9PM.

On Sunday evenings at 10PM, Laura will get the exclusive reaction to all the dates, the dumpings and the dramas that follow in Love Island’s studio show Love Island: Aftersun.

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