Love Island 2021: Meet new guy Teddy Soares – Age, Instagram and all about latest Islander


Love Island 2021 has introduced its latest Islander – meet Teddy Soares!

Teddy was teased at the end of Friday night’s epiosde ahead of his entrance into the villa tonight (11 July).

In the last show, Faye received a text which read: “Girls, Teddy is waiting in the Hideaway terrace, you must now choose four girls to join him on a speed date. #FourPlay #GoSteadyWithTeddy.”

Meet Teddy Soares

Teddy is a 26-year-old Senior Financial Consultant from Manchester.

You can find Teddy on Instagram under the username @teddy_soares.

He says of signing up for the show: “I think I’m ready for love now. Law of attraction is probably what I believe in, so being in the villa is part of that thought process.

“I’m not getting any younger. I’ve always been the type of guy to be in long relationships. Never broken three years though. If I do find someone in the villa, I’m going to take it seriously.”

Teddy added: “I want to get to know all of the girls. I’m not afraid to step on toes to get the girl I want.

“I’m cuddly, caring and all my friends, when they have an issue, they call me and confide in me. I’m always that person to lean on. I think I’m going to add that element with the boys. From a girls’ standpoint, they’re going to have to get used to me stirring a few pots and causing a bit of a ruckus.

“I do think hopefully, me walking into the villa the girls will have something to look at.”

And he said of the boys: “I think they’re all interesting. I think they’re all cool. I think Brad needs a bit of direction –I think his chat is a bit one-sided to be honest.

“When I come in, I’m going to say Brad, you need to ask some more questions. I think Jake’s really funny, I’m always laughing when I see a moment with him –I think he farts too much to be honest –but everyone seems really welcoming and chilled as well.”

Teddy’s entrance follows the latest drama in the villa which saw Chloe make a move on Toby

In Thursday’s episode, the pair flirted up a storm before Chloe kissed Toby as part of a challenge.

Later in a chat with the boys Toby confessed he had more sexual attraction to Chloe than Kaz.

He went on to pull Kaz for a chat and admitted he wanted to get to know Chloe before going on to snog Chloe in the terrace.

Love Island continues tonight at 9PM on ITV2 and ITV Hub

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