Love Island 2021: Meet Chuggs Wallis – Age, Instagram, real name and hat business

All about Chuggs on Love Island

Love Island series 7 has kicked off on ITV2 – meet new Islander Chuggs Wallis here!


Love Island follows a cast of singletons who must try their utmost to couple up, flirt and date in the hope of avoiding getting voted off the Island.

One of the new guys entering the villa this week is Chuggs Wallis, although his real name is actually Oliver.

Chuggs is a 23-year-old business owner from Surrey.

Follow Chuggs Wallis on Instagram – and his hat business

You can follow Chuggs on Instagram @chuggswallis where he currently has over 5,000 followers.

Meanwhile his customised bucket hat business is called Booby Buckets and is also on social media under the username @booby_buckets

On why he’s entering the Love Island villa, Chuggs reveals: “I just feel like it’s now or never. I’m only 23 but I’m scared of aging. Especially as half of my last year of uni was taken away and we had so many fun plans.


“With Covid and the pandemic, I feel like I’ve missed a year of my youth, so I’m really gagging to get it all back –make the most of it.”

Meet Chuggs Wallis

On what he’s looking for in a partner, Chuggs shares: “I need someone to be my best mate. I need someone who is going to muck in with my brothers, my family. I’ve got a mate who has a girlfriend, she plays rugby, golf.. everything with us. She’s great, she gets involved. I want something like that.”

Asked how friends and family would describe him, Chuggs continues: “My parents would say I’m pretty responsible as I’m the oldest of three boys. I’ve always been the one that does everything first and the others follow. And then they get better than me, which isn’t fun. I’m pretty driven. In terms of being entrepreneurial I’ve always been like that.

“My mates would describe me as a solid mate. Everyone always comes to me for advice. I’m always the one organising things for everyone too. I put together the funnest nights out that we’ve had, hosting parties at home, pub crawls.”

On who he currently has his eye on in the villa, Chugg continues: “I’d probably say from first impressions Liberty, Chloe and Faye.

I think key competition is Brad, but I also think I’ll get on with him. That Jake guy seems pretty funny, he looks jokes.

“I’m excited to get to know people and just have social interaction, get to know these girls. I just want to have fun.”


Love Island is hosted by Laura Whitmore with features voice-over comedian Iain Stirling.

The show airs on ITV2 at 9PM Sunday to Fridays . You can watch online via ITV Hub.