Love Island 2021: Meet Abigail Rawlings – Age, Instagram and all about the Islander!

Who is Abigail on Love Island?

Love Island’s seventh series is currently airing on ITV2 – meet new cast member Abigail Rawlings here!


Love Island features a line up of singles wanting to meet their perfect match.

One of the new singletons joining the show this week for series 7 is 27-year-old Abigail Rawlings.

Abigail is a tattoo artist from Beaconsfield who currently lives in Bournemouth.

Follow Abigail Rawlings on Instagram

You can follow Abigail on Instagram under the username @abigaillouiserawlings where she has over 7,000 followers.

Abigail says of signing up for Love Island: “I’ve always been very much a relationship girl. My windows of being single don’t last long. Why not?”

She continues: “I’m here for a relationship. I’m not scared of commitment at all. I seem to enjoy life more when I’m with someone, someone to do stuff with.


“I’m quite an active person and I like going away. When you have someone, it’s an excuse to go away. Am I looking for a boyfriend? 100% yes. I also want to make friends as well. When people ask ‘what is your goal in life?’ One of mine is to meet as many people as I can and make as many friendships and connections with people and not necessarily just here but all over the world.”

Meet Abigail

On who she has her eye on, Abigail shares: “I really like Toby -I’m going to steal him from Chloe at the first chance I have. If that doesn’t work out, I like Teddy as well and Aaron.”

“Even if I didn’t go in with the intention of stirring things up, it’ll happen regardless.”

She adds of the girls: “I love Liberty -I think she’s amazing. Kaz is a vibe. I think Faye is cool.”

Abigail currently works as a tattoo artist, revealing: “I got my apprenticeship when I was 18. I was at uni at the time and I dropped out to become a tattooist -my mum was livid!

“I’ve been doing it now for eight years. Most of my tattoos are done by other people but I’ve got a portrait of my dog on my leg which I did myself. I’ve got loads of little stamps on my other ankle of things which are memories of things that have happened in my life where I want to dedicate the moment.”

Before that, Abigail was a professional gymnast: “I wouldn’t say I’m confident enough to do back flips now but I can still do an awful lot of that stuff -I’m super bendy. I’m a handstand master, I’ll take anyone on for a handstand competition!”


Presented by Laura Whitmore, Love Island 2021 also welcomes voiceover Iain Stirling.

The show airs each night on ITV2 and online via the ITV Hub.