Love Island 2019 spoilers: Islanders couple up for the first time… before a big twist


Here’s a spoiler-filled preview of tonight’s first episode of Love Island 2019

The new series launches this evening, Monday June 3 at 9PM on ITV2.

Starting Islanders are Amber Gill, Amy Hart, Anna Vakili, Anton Danyluk, Joe Garratt, Lucie Donlan, Sherif Lanre, Michael Griffiths, Yewande Biala and Callum Macleod.

The girls are first in and as they get to know one another, Caroline Flack arrives at the villa, and prepares to officiate this year’s first coupling up.

Gathering the girls around the iconic fire pit, Caroline asks the girls to describe their ideal boy. Lucie says “Blonde! Longish hair… just hair, a lot of hair. Like me, he’s got to match me. Two lions together really.”

Love Island girls
The girls, Amy, Amber, Yewande, Lucie and Anna, chat.

After Caroline asks Amber if she has a type, she says “Looking at my past boyfriends, probably not. I would say tall, dark and handsome, that’s standard isn’t it? Someone that goes to the gym and someone that makes us laugh. I think I want to go for looks now because I haven’t previously!”


On her immediate turn-off, Amy says “Arrogance and a wandering eye. I want someone that is devoted to me as much as I am devoted to them.”

Hearts begin to race as the girls line up eager to meet the boys. Each boy makes their entrance looking to impress the bevvy of beauties stood in front of them.

The girls are instructed to step forward if they’re interested in the boy in front of them but each boy can pick any girl to couple up with, potentially ruffling a few feathers in the process by choosing a girl who is already coupled up.

Love Island
Amy, Lucie, Yewande, Anna, Amber and Caroline.

With the five matches finally made, Caroline announces “Congratulations guys, we now have our five couples! The choices you’ve just made could decide how long you stay in the villa. In your couples, you’ll spend time getting to know each other, taking on challenges together, living together and even sharing a bed together.

“In just eight weeks time, the public will be voting for their favourite couple. That couple stands to win a massive £50,000 cash prize and be crowned the winners of Love Island 2019.”

However, in usual Love Island fashion, there is always a twist. Caroline says “Don’t forget, this is Love Island and the path to true love is never that simple. There may be a few surprises around the corner and the first surprise may be sooner than you think.”

After the couples spend the day together, the first surprise is dropped on the Islanders.


Just as they begin to feel settled in their new home, Amber receives a text.

Amber reads the text to the Islanders which says “Islanders, it’s time for the real games to begin. Please welcome your new arrivals. #DoubleTrouble #BoxFresh #HotToFoxtrot”

As the Islanders gather their thoughts, Curtis Pritchard and Tommy Fury enter the villa.

Reflecting on their arrival in the Beach Hut, Michael says “Nobody was expecting that! Like nobody at all.”

Tommy and Curtis enter the villa.
Tommy and Curtis enter the villa.

Lucie also says “It’s been such a full-on day. There have been bevs coming in everywhere and then two guys come in… who are also bevs [Lucie’s word for an attractive boy]!”

With the arrival of two hot new bombshells the game of love can finally begin but what does this mean for all the Islanders who are already coupled up?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

The series then continues nightly throughout the summer, together with spin-off show After Sun airing 10PM on Sundays.