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Love Island 2019 first look as Islanders get to know one another

Here’s your first look at tonight’s opening episode of Love Island 2019.


Season 5 of Love Island begins tonight at 9PM on ITV2.

This year’s Islanders are Amber Gill, Amy Hart, Anna Vakili, Anton Danyluk, Joe Garratt, Lucie Donlan, Sherif Lanre, Tommy Fury, Michael Griffiths, Yewande Biala, Curtis Pritchard and Callum Macleod.

In tonight’s episode, Amber, Amy, Anna, Yewande and Lucie arrive and get to know one another, Caroline Flack arrives at the villa, and prepares to officiate this year’s first coupling up.

Hearts begin to race as the girls line up eager to meet the boys. Each boy makes their entrance looking to impress the bevvy of beauties stood in front of them.

The girls are instructed to step forward if they’re interested in the boy in front of them but each boy can pick any girl to couple up with, potentially ruffling a few feathers in the process by choosing a girl who is already coupled up.

As the Islanders get to know one another, it appears Sherif already knows one of this year’s girls.


Sherif explains how he follows Anna on Instagram.

Anna then reflects on this in the Beach Hut and says “He just brought it out so casually. Like ‘Yeah I follow you on Instagram’. I was flattered but I didn’t expect it coming in here, that someone would follow me on Instagram. When I do go out, I do tend to get that a lot.”

Meanwhile, scientist Yewande chats with firefighter Michael about their education only to find out he has a degree in bio-medical science.

Elsewhere, Lucie has made no secret that she is looking for a hunky surfer to tide her down and already she is proving popular with the boys of the villa as two of them compete for her affections.

Joe says “I want to go get Lucie for a private chat but I don’t want to be the guy to go over and be over the top with it.”

But Anton is also making a move on the blonde beauty.


The pair sit by the fire pit and Anton says “My initial attraction was towards you.”

After spending the day with one another, the Islanders delve deep into each other’s past as they play ‘Never Have I Ever’ and

Joe says “Never have I ever cheated whilst in a relationship.”

A few of the Islanders take a drink including Sherif. The girls ask Sherif “How many girlfriends did you cheat on?”


Sherif says “Two” and then the Islanders ask him how many relationships he has he been in, to which he replies “Four”.

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.