Love Island 2019 boys leave the villa for a spa day

Love Island spoilers!

The guys of Love Island 2019 head out for a spa day in tonight’s show.

Following some major drama in the villa last night after two new girls entered, the boys get a special treat this evening.

In tonight’s episode on ITV2, Curtis receives a text which reads: “Boys. It’s time to kick back and relax as today you’re all going on a spa day.”

Before they head out, the boys gather in the Beach Hut and reflect on the news.

Michael says: “I feel like the girls have had it quite easy. We’ve been quite stressed. We deserve this. We’re getting out of the villa for a bit of lad time. It’s exactly what we need.”

The Boys in the beach hut.
The Boys in the beach hut.
The Boys go to a spa.
The Boys go to a spa.

The boys arrive at the spa and get in the hot tubs.

Tommy, Joe and Curtis have a chat about last night’s events as Curtis is keen to hear about Tommy’s date with Maura.


Tommy tells the boys: “She’s straight-up. She’s come in and said to me ‘I fancy you and I want to get to know you’ and that’s what I’ve been looking for since I’ve been in here.

“All I asked for was a bit of reassurance [from Molly-Mae] and I didn’t get that. I don’t think she knows what she wants. But Maura, she’s older and wiser and knows what she wants. That suits me down to the ground.”

Similarly, Michael, Anton and Danny reflect on the new girls’ arrival.

Anton says: “They’re good looking girls.”

Danny asks: “Is Elma a bit of you Anton?”

Anton, Michael and Danny at the spa
Anton, Michael and Danny at the spa

Michael jokes: “Who isn’t a bit of him?”

Michael adds: “This guy [Anton] comes out with the worst lines ever.”

Anton admits: “I’m going to come to you boys and Amber for advice before I talk to any girl in the villa!”

Michael then suggests the boys do some role play where Danny pretends to be Elma and Anton can practice his chat up lines. But will practice really make perfect?

Love Island 2019 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.