Love Island 2018 spoilers: New girl Alexandra Cane already causing a stir

New girl Alexandra Cane joins the Love Island 2018 tonight and immediately causes a stir.


Before entering the villa, Alexandra is given the opportunity to date some of the boys.

In tonight’s show, Alex gets a text: “Alex, Alexandra would like to have brunch with you. Please get ready and head straight to the Hideaway. #NewGirlInTown #DoctorOnCall”

In the Beach Hut, Alex says: “I am so excited. I did not expect that text at all. There is a new girl here and I am going to have brunch with her. I am absolutely chuffed, it’s a great feeling.”

On why she chose to have a date with Alex, Alexandra says: “I feel like people haven’t really given you a chance and I wanted to give myself the opportunity to get to know you. You seem so respectful and you seem like such a gentleman and that is really what I’m looking for. My mum loves you, she was like ‘go for the Doctor!’”

Alexandra and Alex on a date.
Alexandra and Alex on a date.

After, new Jack gets a text: “Jack, it’s time to freshen up as Alexandra has chosen you for her second date. Please get ready and head to the Hideaway #GameOn #NewOpportunities”

In the Beach Hut, Laura says: “I am really annoyed.”


Dani reassures her, “It’s just a date” and new Jack tells her: “Don’t overthink it, it’s just a date.”

In the Beach Hut, new Jack admits: “It’s another test. I didn’t expect to be tested again so soon but it is one of those things… I am happy with Laura, we have gone through a lot and what me and her have is genuine.”

On the date, Alexandra asks new Jack’s usual type. He says: “I do have a certain look that I do normally go for. It is someone who is brunette, nice bum. Saying that, it’s the complete opposite of Laura, getting to know her, I think she is more attractive than when I first met her. She is honest and I’m an honest person.”

Alexandra tells him: “The reason I chose you is because you seem really respectful, you seem to know what you want and I wanted to bring you on a date.”

When Alexandra enters the villa, she gets to know everyone. She admits to the girls that she also finds Idris attractive.

Later, Alexandra and Alex are chatting by the pool and getting to know each other some more.

In the Beach Hut, she says: “Alex is such a gentleman, he is so respectful, he is somebody that I can talk to, he is supportive and understanding and that’s what I’m looking for.”


Meanwhile, in the bedroom, Idris talks to Kaz about fancying Alexandra.

Idris says: “Obviously what you and Josh have got and Dani and Jack, I want that.”

Kaz says: “You’re not going to get that by sitting down and doing nothing… You and Alex are completely different people, let Alexandra make the decision for herself.”

As night falls in the villa, Idris is getting to know Alexandra on the daybeds.

Alexandra talks about her first day in the villa: “I want to see who is interested in me… Typical girl, I want the guy to make the first move, let them know they like you.”
Idris tells her his usual type: “Beautiful smile, which you’ve got. Nice eyes, which you’ve got. You come across elegant and calm.”

Alex and Sam chat.
Alex and Sam chat.

Alexandra says: “I do have a wild side, you haven’t seen it yet.”

Idris says: “Interesting…”


As Alex watches on with Sam, he says: “I can’t be pied again. I’ve been pied so many times.”

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9:30PM on ITV2.