Love Island 2018 spoiler: Alex George and Grace Wardle set to split?


Alex George could be set to lose out on a happy ever after again on Love Island 2018 tonight.

The unlucky in love Doctor is currently partnered up with new girl Grace Wardle.

But after just a few days together, cracks are beginning to emerge.

In tonight’s show, in the Beach Hut, Grace admits: “It’s getting quite difficult with Alex. When we were first talking, there’s so much to talk about because we were getting to know each other and now I’m finding it a little bit difficult to get some fun, more light hearted conversation with him.”

In the Beach Hut, Alex also confesses: “I don’t think it’s going forward with Grace, I think it’s going sideways… She doesn’t quite get my sense of humour.”

Is Dr Alex regretting his decision to couple up with Grace?

There could be a chance for the couple to get to know one another a bit closer later when a challenge arrives.

Kazimir gets a text: “Islanders, it’s time to find out who is going to sink or swim in the next couples’ challenge… Babewatch. #LifesABeach #Sharking”

In the first of three elimination rounds, the couples have to feed each other an icecream whilst blindfolded.

In the second round, Islanders have to knock down sharks with lifeguard floats in the quickest time.

In the final round, the remaining couples will compete to remain on a surf board for as long as possible, whilst beach balls are thrown at them.

Which couples will prove to be the perfect team?

Love Island 2018 airs tonight at 9PM on ITV2.