Liar series 2? ITV ‘working on spin-off series’ after hit first season

ITV is reportedly working on a spin-off to Liar following viewer reaction to the current first series.

Airing Monday nights at 9PM, Liar has been pulling in millions of viewers for ITV.

The six-part thriller tells the story of a night that changes the lives of Laura Nielson (Joanne Froggatt) and Andrew Earlham (Ioan Gruffudd) forever.

If you’ve not caught up, we won’t be giving any spoilers away but rumour has it a prequel could be in the works.

A source told The Sun newspaper: “Explaining the characters would appeal to fans who’ll be intrigued to see what underlying experiences sparked their actions.

“Bosses feel it would be the best direction to go in.”

The first series concluded this evening with its last of six episodes.

In the show, Joanne Froggatt plays Laura, a smart and dedicated teacher, not long out of a relationship and unsure about getting back on the dating scene. Andrew (Ioan Gruffudd) is a renowned surgeon whose son is a pupil at Laura’s school.

An initial attraction leads to a date, but neither fully realises the far-reaching consequences that their meeting will have on each other or their families. Truth and consequences go hand in hand in a tense and gripping thriller that examines both sides of a relationship and both sides of the truth. Are there really two sides to every story?

Liar explores the devastating cost of deceit on both the couple and their friends and family, as secrets and lies are laid bare…

Liar Series 1 aired on ITV. You can catch up now on the ITV hub.

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