Junior Bake Off contestants from new Channel 4 series

2019 Junior Bake Off conrtestants

Junior Bake Off 2019 is here – meet the contestants taking part in the new spin-off.


Following the latest series of The Great British Bake Off, a brand new spin-off has started.

Junior Bake Off sees youngsters aged between 9 and 15 enter the famous tent to show off their baking skills.

The series first aired in 2019 on Channel 4 and is now being repeated at 8PM weeknights on E4.

Comedian Harry Hill hosts the show with Prue Leith and Liam Charles as judges.

Junior Bake Off starts with 20 contestants competing in two separate week-long heats. Across five episodes, each heat will feature 10 bakers who will face Technical Bakes and Showstopper challenges.

Only the best will get through to the third and final week, having put their cake, biscuit, bread and pastry-making skills to the test.


Meet the contestants below…

Junior Bake Off 2019 contestants – Heat A

Junior Bake Off
Aleena, Maddie, Bakr, Zack, Amal, Ollie, Tilly, Vaughan, Zoë, George..

Amal, 13, from Essex
Self-taught baker Amal lives with her mum and dad in Essex. The only baker in her family, she was inspired to take up the hobby after falling in love with baking shows seven years ago.

Aleena, 15 from Greater Manchester
Aleena lives in Greater Manchester with her Mum, Dad, two brothers and her sister. Her family have been her chief taste tester since she taught herself by watching YouTube videos at 9 years old.

George, 11 from Devon
George began baking at a young age with his mum and nan. Now confident on his own in the kitchen, George holds family baking competitions with his brother Alfie where he often shows off his adventurous cake decorating skills.

Vaughan, 13 from County Durham
Vaughan only began baking two years ago, but inspired by YouTube videos he has already conquered millionaires shortbread cupcakes, lava cakes and meringue.

Zak, 13 from Hertfordshire
Zak lives in Hertfordshire with his mum, dad and two brothers, and regularly bakes for his number one fan, his nan. With five years of baking experience, Zak now has a focus on presentation and a neat professional finish.

Maddie, 11 from London
Maddie has been baking since she was just two years old, taught by her mum, grandmother and aunt. Inspired by her Jewish and French heritage, Maddie makes a weekly challah bread and is known for her signature French Madeleines.


Oliver, 10 from Northamptonshire
Oliver lives with his mum, dad and two brothers in Northamptonshire. Introduced to baking at just 6 years old by his nan, Oliver now has aspirations to follow in her footsteps and work in a bakery.

Tilly, 9 from Bath
Tilly’s earliest memory is baking with her granny, having learnt with her at the tender age of just two years old. Her granny’s influence is still felt, as Tilly’s signature lemon drizzle cake is based on the recipe passed down to her.

Zoe, 10 from Nottinghamshire
Zoe was born in Texas, USA. She was taught to bake at just 3 years old by her American grandmother. However, it wasn’t until Zoe’s family moved to the UK when she was 5 years old that she began to take baking more seriously.

Bakr, 15 from Derby
Bakr lives with his mum and dad, along with his older brother and two sisters in Derby. After picking up a box of cake mix thinking it had a cake inside seven years ago, Bakr was inspired to start baking.

Junior Bake Off 2019 contestants – Heat B

Junior Bake Off
Tom W, Eliza, Finley, Dru, Tom O, Kian, Jaya, Sam, Kareena, Lorien.

Dru, 15 from London
Dru first started baking at seven years old after spending time at home to recover from an operation. Completely self-taught, she now specialises in eye-catching cakes and brownies that she shares her fellow girl guides.

Tom O, 15 from Gloucestershire
Tom’s colourful and flamboyant style is inspired by his mum and grandma who taught him to bake at eight years old. His strengths lie with intricate techniques that have seen him making macarons, palmiers and beignets.

Eliza, 14 from North Yorkshire
Eliza was introduced to baking at four years old by her gran who was famous for her strawberry and cream sponges.


Finley, 13 from Manchester
Finley has been baking for less than a year, but after teaching himself with YouTube videos and books it now fills most of his time.

Jaya, 10 from Solihull
Jaya lives with her mum, dad and little brother in Solihull. She began baking cupcakes with her gran at six years old.

Karina, 13 from West Yorkshire
Karina began baking at ten years old in school but developed her ‘wacky’ style at home with her mum. With a love of biscuits, cakes and ganache drips, Karina’s signature bake is her grandad’s favourite shortbread.

Kian, 13 from Hull
Kian lives with his mum, dad and younger brother in Hull. Taught by his grandma, Kian started baking at 11 years old.

Lorien, 9 from London
Lorien learnt to bake with her mum and gran six years ago, and now bakes three times a week on her own.

Sam, 9 from Berkshire
Triplet Sam has been helping his mum in the kitchen since he was young and now strives to bake as much as he possibly can. Sam has a passion for making bread, especially his signature plaited loaf inspired by his Polish heritage.

Tom W, 13 from Falmouth
Tom began baking at eight years old when taught by his mum. After learning to make bread with his nan and becoming fascinated by the science of bread, Tiger rolls are now Tom’s signature bake.



Junior Bake Off airs on Channel 4 and E4.

You can catch up and watch episodes online via the All4 Player.