The Island with Bear Grylls viewers left FUMING after the opening episode

The Island with Bear Grylls kicked off its 2018 series tonight and viewers had plenty to say.


A total of 16 contestants have been sent to live on an uninhabited pacific island with just the clothes on their back and a few basic survival tools.

As always, they’re filming everything that happens themselves as they try to survive for five weeks.

In a new twist for this year, the contestants have been split into two groups based on their wages.

One group earns an average of £100,000 a year while the other takes home less than the national average.

It follows splits in past series between old and young groups and male and female groups.


“In a world where money has no meaning, who will survive?” asked Bear Grylls at the start of the show.

Within the first two days, the separate groups had met up and there was an almost instant clash of cultures.

Many of the comments, particularly made by the ‘rich’ group, had those watching angry.

@GeorgiaaWatkins tweeted: “I have never been so embarrassed to be apart of British culture with the attitude the wealthy contestants on #TheIsland have – disgusting behaviour”

@staceyxnewburnx posted: “Why do posh people think they are better than middle class people seriously? How rude #TheIsland”

One specific remark made by one of the wealthy group as they met the ‘poor’ contestants prompted quite the reaction.

@CrossEyedPiano tweeted: “‘Like the northern dole bus has broken down’ – yep there are people in the UK who say and believe stuff like this ffs #TheIsland”


And Bake off winner Candice Brown shared on Twitter: “Wow!!!!! What a divide and the the rudeness!! ‘I thought the northern dole bus had broken down!’ Mate you might earn a buck or 2 but you can’t buy class or manners ? @Channel4 #TheIsland”

Others reflected more on the make up of the two groups.

“It speaks volumes about the current state of affairs when a Nurse is on the “poor” team… #TheIsland” tweeted @jenren87.


At the end of the episode, the two groups decided to split, as the ‘Rich’ contestants made their way to set up an alternative camp.

The Island with Bear Grylls continues Monday nights at 9PM on Channel 4.

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