In Vogue heads to Disney+ with Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford, Kim Kardashian, Hillary Clinton & more

Brand new fashion series In Vogue is heading to Disney+.

In Vogue delves into the inner workings of the fashion trends that shaped an entire era, as well as the decade that provided the creative impetus for those very fashion movements.

This series grants unparalleled access to the perspectives of prominent Vogue editors, including luminaries like Anna Wintour, Chief Content Officer and Global Editorial Director at Condé Nast, along with Edward Enninful, Editor in Chief of British Vogue and European Editorial Director of Vogue, Tonne Goodman, Sustainability Editor at Vogue and Grace Coddington, a Contributing Editor.

Additionally, the series delves into the insights of the era’s most influential personalities. With the unveiling of previously unseen archives from industry pioneers, the series becomes a treasure trove of the past.

Encompassing an ensemble of prominent figures from the realms of 90s fashion, music and cinema, this series stands as a seminal work that unveils the untold narratives behind the most acclaimed pop cultural moments and movements of that era. The designers, actors and musicians who played pivotal roles in shaping those moments come forward to recount their stories.

The series will feature insight from some of the most influential names across fashion, film and politics including Victoria Beckham, Tom Ford, Kim Kardashian, Marc Jacobs, Baz Luhrmann, Amber Valetta, Jean Paul Gaultier, Hillary Clinton, Stella McCartney, Clare Danes, Elizabeth Hurley and Tyson Beckford with more prominent figures still to be announced.

A release date for In Vogue is to be announced.

In Vogue is executive produced for Raw by Liesel Evans and Jessica Orr and executive produced for Vogue Studios/Condé Nast Entertainment by Sarah Amos, Mark Guiducci, Helen Estabrook and Agnes Chu. Anna Wintour, Edward Enninful, Hamish Bowles and Tonne Goodman also serve as executive producers.

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