I’m A Celebrity recap (26 November) – lobsters, milk bottles and knock-outs

The latest episode of I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here (26 November) saw more stories, trials and anticipation for new leadership.


The episode began as Marvin delighted the camp with his proposal story to his now-wife, Rochelle.

He described taking her to the Maldives for Christmas and proposing on a small island. He recalled, “I stood next to her, saying, ‘Let’s do a picture’. Then I went down on one knee.” Post-proposal, they quickly planned their wedding.

Marvin shared the whirlwind events that followed their marriage, including Rochelle’s TV shoot in LA, their one night together in New York, and her subsequent pregnancy, which he attributed to that single night.

Sam Thompson in underwater trial

Nella laughed: “Don’t play with big Marv. He said, ‘I’ve got one night, one night only, I’m going to make it happen tonight.’”

The episode’s trial, Fishy Business, saw Sam and Nella selected by the public.


Sam expressed his excitement to hosts Ant and Dec, saying: “It’s a pleasure, it’s an honour. I’ve always wanted to be stood here looking at you guys like this, so this is just really, really cool.”

The trial involved retrieving stars from tanks filled with sea creatures based on correct answers to given questions. Despite Nella’s reservations about facing her fears, the duo tackled the challenge with determination. Sam’s humorous and brave efforts, especially when a toad jumped onto his head, led to securing 10 out of 12 stars.

In camp, recent addition Tony had a deep conversation with Jamie Lynn about boxing.

He shared his philosophy, saying: “The most important part is controlling yourself emotionally. You can’t be emotionally attached to the event, you’ve got to be cold.” He also recounted his fight with Usyk, noting the difficulty and exhaustion he faced, and how the referee’s decision to end the fight likely saved his life.

Tony said in the Bush Telegraph: “The referee literally saved my life. Next shot probably puts me away for good. So, boxing at the highest level in the professional business is brutal. My priority was to make it home safe. After that it was to win at all costs.”

I'm A Celebrity Kiosk Keith

The lighter Deals on Wheels challenge featured Nick and Frankie attempting to fill milk bottles from a milk float. They faced unexpected challenges, including milk spilling over them, which Nick described as “freezing!” They managed to complete the task, but a wrong answer in the camp quiz meant they lost the dingo dollars.


Over dinner, Nigel and Fred once again clashed over the Brexit vote as the other campmates ate.

Finally, Ant & Dec headed into camp with results of the latest viewer vote. With the most votes, Grace and Josie will be taking on the next trial, Down The Tubes.

After Ant & Dec left camp, Viewers were asked to vote for who they wanted to see lead the other celebrities, delegating the chores and getting to make use of the camp bus with their deputy camp leader.


Find out who is picked in Monday night’s show.

I’m A Celebrity continues nightly at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX.

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