Tonight’s I’m A Celebrity spoilers as Nella and Sam face underwater trial

Here’s a first look at tonight’s I’m A Celebrity 2023 as Nella and Sam face the latest trial.


Ant and Dec went into camp last night (Saturday, 25 November) to announce the results of the night’s viewer vote.

Receiving the most votes from viewers, Nella Rose and Sam Thompson will take part in ‘Fishy Business’.

Nella in underwater trial

The pair will be plunged underwater in the task. Submerged and facing an aquatic quiz, will this duo be swimming their way to victory by earning those all important stars?

Take a first look at the task below…


See how they get on when I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here returns to ITV1 on Sunday, 26 November at 9PM.

In last night’s episode, Tony and Nigel faced a challenging ‘Down Your Sorrows’ drinking trial after their recent loss in the team challenge.

Nigel expressed surprise at being chosen, while Tony jokingly resigned himself to the public wanting to see him drink unpleasant concoctions. The trial, presented by Ant and Dec, involved drinking a series of bizarre drinks, each named after a sports star, to earn stars for the camp.

Tony bravely faced ‘Mike Flyson,’ a drink made from blended fly pupae, and managed to finish it despite the taste. Nigel followed with ‘Jill Snot,’ a concoction of blended pig’s nose, to which Josie jokingly advised him to pretend it was a pint.

Tony’s next challenge, ‘U-Brain Bolt’ (blended sheep brain), was more palatable for him, likening it to stale yoghurt. Nigel continued with ‘Gory McIlroy,’ blended crocodile feet, which he downed quickly. Tony then faced ‘Ian Fright,’ a drink of blended cockroaches, and managed it without much trouble.

The trial continued with even more grotesque drinks like ‘Crack Grealish’ (blended cow’s anus) for Nigel and ‘Penis Williams’ (blended bull’s penis) for Tony, who almost chose to pass but decided to drink it. Nigel faced ‘Balla Radcliffe,’ blended goat testicles, and managed to drink it swiftly.

Tony struggled with ‘Smelly Holmes,’ made from vomit fruit, and ended up vomiting. Nigel described his next drink, ‘Egg Rusedski’ (blended fermented duck egg), as “Utterly repulsive.” Tony’s final challenge was ‘Tom Scaley,’ a blended mudfish drink, which he found extremely salty.


Ultimately, the pair successfully completed the trial, earning all 12 stars for the camp.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here continues nightly at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX.

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