I’m A Celebrity recap from Saturday’s episode (25 November)

Here’s a recap of the latest episode of I’m A Celebrity 2023 from Saturday (25 November).

Tony and Nigel faced the ‘Down Your Sorrows’ drinking trial with determination. After their team’s loss, the Away team, composed of Tony, Nigel, Marvin, Grace, Josie, and Nick, returned to the Scarena.

Ant and Dec then revealed that the public had chosen Nigel and Tony for the trial, with Nigel admitting his surprise at not being picked more often. Tony, with a touch of humour, commented that the public probably wanted to see “a big dopey Scouser… drink a load of crap.” The trial involved drinking a series of unpleasant concoctions, each named after a sports star.

I'm A Celebrity drinking trial

Tony’s first challenge was ‘Mike Flyson,’ a drink of blended fly pupae, to which he commented, “Least I’ve eaten, guys.” Nigel then faced ‘Jill Snot,’ a blend of pigs’ noses. Josie cheered him on, encouraging him to “Pretend it’s a pint!”

Tony’s next challenge was ‘U-Brain Bolt,’ a concoction of sheep brain, which he likened to stale yoghurt but found surprisingly palatable, commenting, “That’s alright, I like lamb.”

Nigel picked Rory McIlroy, which became ‘Gory McIlroy,’ a drink of blended crocodile feet. Tony chose Ian Wright, or ‘Ian Fright,’ which was blended cockroaches. He joked about it not affecting him. The challenges continued with increasingly repulsive drinks, including ‘Crack Grealish’ (blended cow’s anus) and ‘Penis Williams’ (blended bull’s penis). Tony, hesitant at first, decided against passing the challenge to Nigel and continued to drink.

The trial reached its conclusion with Nigel successfully completing ‘Gareth Snail,’ ensuring all 12 stars were won for the camp.

Meanwhile, the Home team enjoyed a lavish ‘Breakfast of Champions.’

Jamie Lynn Spears on I'm A Celebrity

Over breakfast, Sam asked Jamie Lynn about her relationship with her sister Britney.

She shared: “Me and her both have had a very complicated upbringing. We’ve had very complicated circumstances and we both had to deal with them in different ways. Sometimes we took it out on each other when perhaps we shouldn’t have. I’ve never, ever… I’ve been the one person in her life – and she can say this – I’ve never taken anything from her, you know? I’ve been the one person in her life who’s always said, ‘I just want to be your sister’.

“We just had a really weird life so we can’t explain it to many people, but at the end of the road I know that that’s my family, I love them.”

Ant and Dec presenting I'm A Celebrity

The episode took a turn when Danielle read a laminate from the Bush Telegraph, stating the Home team couldn’t share their breakfast with the Away team, leading to the group going back for more and enjoying “the Beyoncé of beans.”

The episode concluded with the camps merging, where Sam excitedly awaited Tony Bellew’s arrival before Ant & Dec revealed that Nella and Sam will take on tomorrow’s trial, Fishy Business.

I’m A Celebrity continues nightly on ITV1 and ITVX.

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