I’m A Celebrity Coming Out show 2023 tonight

The 2023 I’m A Celebrity Coming Out show airs tonight on ITV1.


The one-off special at 9PM this evening will catch up on this year’s celebs following their departures from the jungle.

In an eventful and emotion-filled season of I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here!, the jungle saw its first departure with Frankie being the initial celebrity to bid goodbye. The moment was marked by a heartfelt embrace with his wife Catherine on the famous camp bridge.

Frankie’s journey from the jungle to the hotel was reflective, as he pondered, “To me, I thought, should I be happy or sad about it?” He expressed a bittersweet sentiment about his early exit but found solace in the thought of enjoying the remainder of the show from the comfort of a hotel room, with a glass of champagne in hand. His joy was palpable as he was greeted by a welcoming sight in his hotel room – a green salad and an ice-cold beer.

Nella was the second to leave the camp, greeted warmly by Ant & Dec with big hugs. Her departure was underscored by her own fears and revelations, as she admitted, “I’m kinda nervous of my perception to the public but I feel like I was 100% myself.”

Nella Rose leaves I'm A Celebrity

The reality of the Trials hit her hard, as she acknowledged, “The Trials are way scarier in real life than they are on TV, I’ll tell you that for free.” Nella’s hotel arrival was a moment of relaxation, marked by the comfort of a freshly made bed and the indulgence of wagyu steak and chips.


Fred’s exit was next, as he was reunited with his partner Fruitcake. Talking about Josie’s cooking, Fred said: “I’m just watching a car crash in real time and the thing that makes it worse is she doesn’t listen.”

En route to the hotel Fred stopped off at McDonalds for a double sausage egg McMuffin with cheese.

Nick, as the fourth celebrity to leave, enjoyed a simple pleasure of bacon and eggs before heading to the hotel. His reunion with his girlfriend Sarah was laced with humour as they discussed the lingering smell of cockroaches from his last trial.

Danielle’s exit from the camp was emotional, with a touching reunion with her mum Lisa. Her excitement was palpable as she fulfilled a lifelong dream of cuddling a koala, exclaiming, “I’m so excited! Literally my entire life, this is the one thing I’ve been dying to do.”

The surprises in the jungle continued as friends and family prepared to enter the camp. Walking into camp to surprise Marvin, Rochelle said “I feel like I’ve just jumped into my telly, it’s actually mad!”

Fred leaves I'm A Celebrity

Meanwhile, back at the hotel, Nick, Nella, and Danielle caught up by the pool, discussing the intense and heightened nature of their jungle experience.


Speaking about her experience in camp, Nella said: “Do you know what I think is so crazy, inside camp everything is so intense and heightened”

Nick agreed: “You have 12 people, 24 hours a day, in any environment you’re going to have a few rubs..”

Marvin’s exit was filled with emotion, especially during his tearful Facetime reunion with his kids and bandmates. Later, Marvin headed for a freshen up at the barbers.

Josie, the last women to leave the jungle, had an emotional reunion with her son Reggie. On the way back to the hotel, asking him what he’d like to eat, Reggie revealed he’d like a chocolate pizza. He also told his Mum that what she was cooking in the jungle “looked disgusting”.

Grace Dent and Jamie Lynn Spears, who left the camp early, also appear in tonight’s episode. Grace expressed regret at leaving her campmates, while Jamie Lynn found a new appreciation for the UK and contemplated moving there.

Jamie Lynn Spears on I'm A Celebrity

She added: “I’ve literally made life-long friends”.


Nigel Farage, who came in third, had a humorous and light-hearted exit. His girlfriend Laure’s comments: “Your name is Nige now, it’s not Nigel anymore!”

And it appeared he had one thing on his mind. He said: “First thing to do is go to the hotel and have a beer. Second gear will be a gin and tonic about midday and third gear will be a glass of white wine with the starter we have for lunch, and then into fourth for the red and probably will leave fifth and the brandy for this evening.”

Tony “Teddy T” Bellew, the runner-up, had an emotional reunion with his family. Before long he was also reunited with his four kids, as he admitted: “I’ve missed them more than life itself.”

After an emotional reunion, they revealed of their dad: “You stink!”

I'm A Celebrity final three 2023

Sam Thompson, crowned King of the Jungle, celebrated his victory with enthusiasm.

After he reunited with best friend Pete on the bridge, Sam was quick to Facetime his girlfriend Zara back in the UK. Calling her his pet name, “baby goose” he revealed “I’ve missed you so much”. Whilst Zara divulged what she’d been up to that evening: “I had about fifty people over, we had the best party ever!”


At the hotel, Sam made his way out onto his balcony to enjoy the view, as he shouted “Australia baby! King of the jungle!”

I’m A Celebrity… Get Me Out Of Here! Coming Out airs Wednesday at 9PM on ITV1 and ITVX

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