Tonight’s I’m A Celebrity 2023 results and recap (Saturday, 9 December)


It was the iconic Celebrity Cyclone in tonight’s I’m A Celebrity ahead of the latest eviction of the series.

The penultimate live show from Australia aired tonight on Saturday, 9 December on ITV1 and ITVX with Ant & Dec.

Latest I’m A Celebrity results (9 December)

In this evening’s episode, Ant & Dec were back in camp once again to reveal the results of the next public vote.

With the fewest votes to remain in camp, it was telly presenter Josie Gibson who went out of I’m A Celebrity.

Josie told Ant & Dec: “I’m just so happy to be able to see my little boy. It’s been a long time. It was fun… thank you for having me!”

Josie on I'm A Celebrity

Josie’s exit leaves the just three celebs in camp to face Sunday’s final.

I’m A Celebrity recap

As for what happened in the latest show, the morning in the jungle camp was marked by anticipation as Sam and Tony lounged in a hammock, waiting for the vote-off result. The campmates were soon hit with the news that Marvin was the latest to be voted out. His departure was met with heartfelt reactions; Sam described Marvin as his brother and rock in the Bush Telegraph, Josie praised Marvin’s positive energy, and Tony lamented the loss of Marvin’s angelic voice and presence.

As a tribute to Marvin, after bidding him farewell, Sam taught Tony and Josie the JLS dance.

The excitement peaked when Josie announced that they would all participate in the Celebrity Cyclone challenge. The revelation was met with jubilation, particularly from Sam, who was visibly ecstatic. Each celebrity chose a superhero name for themselves: Nigel became “Disruptor,” Sam was “Super-Merf,” Josie dubbed herself “Finger Slinger,” and Tony chose “Teddy T.”

Arriving at the Cyclone, the celebrities were in awe, with Sam declaring it the coolest thing he had ever seen. The challenge involved placing stars on markers within a 10-minute time limit while battling the elements of the Cyclone. Despite some hiccups, including Josie dropping a star and Tony bravely fighting off ball-shaped surprises, the team completed the challenge successfully. Post-challenge, the celebrities expressed immense enjoyment, with Sam calling it the best experience of his life and Nigel wishing to do it all over again.

Later, the celebrities faced a ranking challenge at Snake Rock, where they had to arrange themselves in order according to public opinion on various characteristics. After a few attempts, they successfully completed the task and were rewarded with ice-cream from Kiosk Kev’s van, a treat that Josie described as making it the best day of her life.

The day concluded with the campmates sharing dinner and reminiscing about their highs and lows during their time in the camp, reflecting on their journey so far.

Last night’s episode saw Nigel and Marvin face a Christmas themed trial.

I’m A Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here airs nightly on ITV1 and ITVX ahead of Sunday’s final. The I’m A Celebrity Coming Out show will follow next Wednesday.

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