I’m A Celebrity 2023 tonight (Saturday 2 December)

Here’s a full recap of what happened in tonight’s I’m A Celebrity 2023 as Tony faced the latest trial in camp.


Ant and Dec were back in camp on Saturday, 2 December the latest jungle action.

There was tension in camp as dynamics shifted with Josie assuming her new role as the camp chef, a responsibility she acknowledged with some apprehension.

Fred, unable to fully relinquish control, was seen questioning Josie about the beans and instructing Tony on pan placement, emphasizing the need for precision. He expressed his concern in the Bush Telegraph about the breakfast preparation, particularly the cooking of the rice which, if not done correctly, could taste bitter and unpleasant.

Fred on I'm a Celebrity

During breakfast preparations, Josie, in the Bush Telegraph, asserted her and Tony’s roles as chefs, emphasizing that Fred needed to step back and let them take charge. She humorously commented, “He’s a pot wash now. He’s got to give the reins over to me. It’s only me and Tony can fit on that horse. No Fred.”

Meanwhile, Danielle brought a lighter moment to the camp, waking Sam up by tickling his neck with a leaf, a prank that successfully jolted him awake. She remarked, “It’s the little things that keep you going. He soon woke up then. He was really scared.”


As tensions rose in the kitchen, sous chef Tony expressed his frustration in the Bush Telegraph about Fred’s hovering, predicting a looming confrontation between Fred and Josie. Josie later confided in new camp leader Nella about Fred’s over-involvement, leading to a discussion on the importance of allowing everyone to try new things in the camp.

Nella, from the Bush Telegraph, downplayed the kitchen drama, saying, “It’s just rice. I’m not going crazy, it’s just rice. I’m going back to sleep.” Despite the hiccups, the camp enjoyed the breakfast, with Marvin commenting, “I think this could be the cooking duo we never knew we needed,” and Nigel and Danielle adding their praises.

Nigel, in the Bush Telegraph, shared his thoughts on the challenges of cooking dinner with unfamiliar ingredients, but noted the availability of professional advice from Fred and others.

The episode also featured Tony’s harrowing Bushtucker Trial, ‘Eaten Alive’, where he faced a giant replica snake filled with challenges including rotten food, real snakes, and spiders. Despite his fears, Tony collected 9 out of 10 stars, triumphantly ending the trial with a shout, “Is this all you’ve got for me? Are you not entertained?! Is this not why you are here?” He later described the experience as “Disgusting.”

In a candid conversation, Nigel and Fred discussed the daily operations and the cultural nuances of the House of Lords. Nigel revealed interesting details about the Lords’ daily allowances and routines, while Nick in the Bush Telegraph added a note of skepticism, reminding viewers to consider different perspectives.

The episode concluded with a successful challenge by Frankie and Josie, who managed to win Dingo Dollars and bring back crumpets and butter to the camp, much to everyone’s delight. However, the day ended on a surprising note when the dinner bag revealed an eel, leading to varied reactions from the campers. Fred stepped in to guide the preparation, ensuring another meal was successfully cooked in the camp.


At the end of the episode, Ant & Dec revealed that Nella had been voted to face the next trial on Sunday, titled Fright At The Museum. They also announced the first I’m A Celebrity eviction would be on Sunday.

I’m A Celeb airs every night on ITV1 presented by Ant and Dec with a grand final set for next weekend.

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