I’m A Celebrity 2023 reveals two new contestants for line up


I’m A Celebrity has confirmed two new members for the line up this year.

At the end of the show tonight (22 November), it was confirmed that boxer Tony Bellew and jockey Frankie Dettori would be joining camp as late arrivals.

It was revealed that the two will become camp coaches and lead their new campmates into battle in the ‘Scarena’ with all campmates taking on the next bushtucker trial together.

I'm A Celebrity camp group results

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In the latest episode on Wednesday, the camp awoke to a minor crisis when Nick spotted a hole in the rubbish bag, indicating a nocturnal visit by a rat. Nigel Farage voiced his frustration over the lapse in camp hygiene, marking a moment of communal reflection on responsibility.

Amidst these mundane concerns, Josie Gibson’s lighthearted marvel at Marvin Humes’ six-pack provided a moment of levity.

The atmosphere turned contemplative as Nella Rose opened up to Grace Dent about her habitual reluctance to see things through, a personal trait she’s confronting in the jungle. This vulnerability contrasted sharply with Jamie Lynn Spears’ triumphant moment in the Climb of Cruelty Trial, where she defied expectations by securing a full score, demonstrating her resilience and surprising her fellow campers.

Meanwhile, political conversations bubbled up as Nigel Farage, in a candid chat with Sam Thompson and Danielle Harold, pondered over past Prime Ministers and mused on the daunting nature of the role, leaving his own political aspirations ambiguous.

A heartwarming exchange unfolded by the creek, where Josie, Fred Sirieix, and Sam Thompson shared insights into their television careers. Josie’s recounting of her unexpected journey from a Big Brother winner to hosting This Morning highlighted the unpredictability and effort behind a career in television.

The episode took a more serious turn as Nella engaged Nigel in a frank discussion about his public image and stance on immigration. The conversation, marked by disagreement yet mutual respect, underscored the diverse backgrounds and viewpoints converging in the camp.

I’m A Celebrity continues nightly with Ant and Dec.

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