Nella Rose confronts Nigel Farage over immigration on I’m A Celebrity


Nella Rose and Nigel Farage locked horns over immigration on I’m A Celebrity tonight.

In a candid conversation by the bath, Nella confronted Nigel about his suggested anti-immigrant stance, referencing online sources.

Nigel sceptically responded: “Oh, well there we are then it must be true,” questioning the reliability of such sources.


Nella then shifted to inquire why black people might dislike him, to which Nigel confidently replied: “You’d be amazed, they do.”

Seemingly surprised, Nella exclaimed, “Nigel! Nigel!” Nigel suggested that if Nella accompanied him through South London, she would be astonished by the support he receives.

Nella, attempting to clarify her earlier statement about people hating Nigel, expressed regret, saying: “So everyone hates you for no reason? Not that everyone hates you, that was so bad. Sorry.”

Nigel lamented the unfairness of the accusations thrown at him, emphasising, “You can disagree with somebody, but to chuck around accusations the way they’ve been chucked around is grossly unfair.

“Anti-immigrant, right? No, no, all I’ve said is we cannot go on with the numbers coming to Britain that are coming.”

Nella, identifying herself as one of the immigrants Nigel referred to, challenged his view. Nigel urged her to think about the scale, asking rhetorically if Britain should accept 5 million or 10 million immigrants a year.

Nella Rose in the Bush Telegraph on I'm a Celebrity

Nella argued that the immigrants he speaks of are people like her. Nigel, trying to make his point, said, “Listen. Since 2000, the British population has increased by 10 million. 10 million.” Nella saw this as a positive, but Nigel linked it to difficulties in accessing healthcare services.

The discussion turned to the NHS, with Nella arguing that the lack of appointments was due to funding issues, not immigration. She pointed out the vital roles immigrants play in the NHS, suggesting that if all immigrants or those of immigrant descent left the UK, the health service would lose many of its doctors and nurses.

Nigel and Nella

Nella interpreted Nigel’s stance as wanting immigrants gone, to which Nigel responded: “Stop it. Stop, it that’s not… Nella, you’re not listening to a single word I’m saying. You’re not.”

In the Bush Telegraph Nigel said: “What was interesting was at the end of it she said, ‘Well, OK, we’re going to agree to disagree.’ And that’s the important thing, agreeing to disagree.”

Nella said to Nigel: “My main point was that we’ve got into this jungle and I really like you and I want to know why everyone hated you. We don’t have to come to a common ground. You probably like a lot of things that I don’t like. And I probably like a lot of things that you don’t like…we can have these conversations.”

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