Ibiza Weekender spoilers: First look at tonight’s latest drama

Ibiza Weekender continues tonight on ITV2 and here’s a first look at the latest episode.


Hit reality series Ibiza Weekender follows a lively group of holiday reps as they give their guests the time of their lives on the renowned holiday island.

With fixed rig cameras at the hotel, the series captures all of the drama and reality as it unfolds.

And there’s no shortage of drama.

In tonight’s fifth episode of the latest series, it’s half way through the season on the party isle of Ibiza and El Jefe and his team are still reeling from Tash and Callum’s secret night in finally coming out.

After last week’s relationship fireworks David is determined to lay down the law and shake it all up a bit as he has booked in the hotels first ever Hen Party.

That’s good news for Chloe as her sister is the hen, but not so good for bad girl Tash and even worse for bad boy Calum as big sis Olivia is on the warpath.

You can watch a first look at tonight’s episode in the clip above.

Elsewhere in tonight’s episode (Sunday, February 16), Jaden isn’t helping things either for Tash as he takes a shine to one of the hens, but its not just Tash that’s digging deep and grovelling for forgiveness.

Meanwhile, Riva’s newly found backbone has Callum looking to rekindle things as well, but is it all too little too late and has the tattooed terror actually learnt anything in the process?


Ibiza Weekender airs Sunday nights on ITV2.

You can catch up with all the latest episodes online via the ITV Hub.