How old is Laura Anderson? Love Island star’s ‘real age’ confirmed

Laura Anderson Love Island age

Laura Anderson’s ‘real age’ has been confirmed amid speculation from Love Island fans.


Laura entered the villa saying she was 29, but some viewers claimed she was lying about her age.

“Tryna figure out how Laura is 29 but looks about 43 #LoveIsland” tweeted on viewer in last week’s opening episodes.

Joked another: “Laura pretending she’s 29 as if April fools wasn’t ages ago.”

Photos posted in 2015 of her seemingly celebrating a 30th birthday also caused speculation.

But the Daily Mail has confirmed – thanks to her birth certificate – that she really is 29.

Laura’s birth date is given as April 23, 1989 in Stirling, Scotland.


Earlier this week, Laura approached her age ap with Wes Nelson.

Having stayed solid since coupling up on day one Laura wanted to know where Wes’ head was at.

29-year-old Laura is currently the oldest of the contestants in the villa while at 20, Wes is the youngest.

Seizing a moment to share her insecurities with him in the garden, Laura confessed: “I know that it doesn’t seem like there’s a big age gap, but there is. I don’t feel it, it’s just I would feel bad on you.

“Obviously I don’t want to waste my time and I wouldn’t want to waste your time. I don’t know, I’m just over thinking and worrying a little bit.”

Eager to reassure her, Wes asserted that the age difference is insignificant to him: “Honestly my outlook on it is I genuinely came on to find someone that’s beautiful that I can get to know, that I can properly understand on a deep level and settle down with.

“And actually go on a journey with as opposed to just having a bit of fun with. I want something that’s going to last. As corny as it sounds I want something that’s forever.”

Outlining her aspirations for being in the villa, Laura dropped a bombshell when she admitted: “Obviously it chills me out a bit because I am looking to find a husband.”

But Wes reflected in the Beach Hut: “So when Laura mentioned the word ‘husband’, I didn’t bat an eyelid. I didn’t think that that affected me in any way, shape and form.


“I know there’s a lot of guys in here, even the older guys that would have flinched or showed a bit of a reaction to her saying ‘husband and got a bit scared of that big old commitment that it is, but I didn’t bat an eyelid.”

Love Island 2018 airs nightly on ITV2.