Every drama coming to ITV this summer

ITV dramas coming soon

This summer, ITV1 and its streaming service ITVX are bringing an exciting line-up of dramas to your screens.

From gripping crime thrillers and haunting supernatural tales to heartwarming comedies and intense psychological dramas, there is something for everyone.

Here’s a sneak peek at the upcoming shows set to air from July to September.


SOPHIe TURNER as Joan and FRANK DILLANE as Boisie.

Sophie Turner brings to life the character of Joan Hannington, a London jewel thief, in this exhilarating six-part series. Written by Anna Symon and directed by Richard Laxton, Joan follows a young mother trapped in a violent marriage who seizes an opportunity to transform her life. Adopting new identities, Joan becomes a masterful jewel thief in her quest to provide a secure home for her daughter. The series stars Frank Dillane, Kirsty J. Curtis, and Gershwyn Eustache Junior, among others.


The Tower Series 3

Gemma Whelan as DS Sarah Collins
The Tower SR02 EP1 ITV and ITVX. Pictured: Gemma Whelan as DS Sarah Collins ©ITV Plc

The gripping crime thriller returns with DS Sarah Collins, played by Gemma Whelan, investigating the stabbing of a teenage boy. The case reunites her with BAFTA-nominated PC Lizzie Adama and brings her into conflict with DI Kieran Shaw, who is running an undercover task force. As the investigation unfolds, Sarah and Kieran’s conflicting interests converge around 15-year-old Ryan Kennedy, who holds key information about the crime.


Grace Series 4

GRACE stars JOHN SIMM as DS Roy Grace and RICHIE CAMPBELL as DS Branson.
JOHN SIMM as DS Roy Grace and RICHIE CAMPBELL as DS Branson in Grace

John Simm stars as Detective Superintendent Roy Grace in the fourth series of this critically acclaimed drama. Set in Brighton, Grace and his team, including DS Glenn Branson and Cleo Morey, tackle a series of complex cases. The new series kicks off with Dead Man’s Time, where a vicious robbery leads Grace into a web of ancient grudges and dark secrets in the Brighton antiques world.


McDonald and Dodds Series 4

JASON WATKINS as DS Dodds and TALA GOUVEIA as DCI Lauren McDonald.
McDonald & Dodds. Pictured: JASON WATKINS as DS Dodds and TALA GOUVEIA as DCI Lauren McDonald. Copyright ITV

Tala Gouveia and Jason Watkins return as DCI McDonald and DS Dodds in this Bath-based detective drama. Each of the three feature-length films presents a new murder mystery. The first film begins with a body found on a bus, leading the detectives into a case involving a priceless artefact and personal history. Guest stars include Toby Stephens, Pixie Lott, and Hugh Quarshie.


Midsomer Murders

Midsomer Murders SR23 cast

Midsomer Murders returns with brand new episodes. The hit crime drama will be back from Tuesday, 16 July at 8:15PM on ITV1 and ITVX with the second episode of Series 23, titled The Debt of Lies.

After celebrating at a retirement party for former police officers, Elaine Bennet meets a tragic end in a car crash.


Tom Jones

Tom Jones first look image
Tom Jones first look image

Solly McLeod and Sophie Wilde star in this adaptation of Henry Fielding’s classic novel The History of Tom Jones, a Foundling. Directed by Georgia Parris, the story follows Tom’s complicated journey to find real love. The cast includes Emmy Award winner Hannah Waddingham as Lady Bellasto, James Fleet as Squire Allworthy, and Shirley Henderson as Aunt Western.


Platform 7

Jasmine Jobson as Lisa
Jasmine Jobson as Lisa

This haunting thriller follows Lisa, who witnesses a catastrophic event on Platform 7 of a railway station. As her fragmented memory returns, she discovers a connection between her life and the event. Blending supernatural elements with contemporary realism, Platform 7 promises to be a chilling drama.


Irvine Welsh’s Crime Series 2

Dougray Scott as RAY LENNOX and Joanna Vanderham as AMANDA DRUMMOND
Crime. Pictured: Dougray Scott as RAY LENNOX and Joanna Vanderham as AMANDA DRUMMOND. (c) Buccaneer Media and Off Grid Film and TV

Ray Lennox returns to Edinburgh Serious Crimes, keen to prove his recovery. The new series sees Lennox navigating changes in the team and investigating a case involving vengeance, identity, and social justice. As the investigation progresses, Lennox realises the killer may not be who they seem, uncovering deeper motivations and long-buried secrets.


Love & Death

Elizabeth Olsen stars as Candy Montgomery, a 1980s Texas housewife accused of murder in this psychological drama. Despite having a seemingly perfect life, Candy’s affair with fellow church member Allan Gore leads to a shocking turn of events. The series, directed by Lesli Linka Glatter and written by David E. Kelley, explores the dark side of suburban life.


Changing Ends Series 2

Young Alan [Oliver Savell] and Alan Carr
Changing Ends on ITVX. Pictured: Young Alan [Oliver Savell] and Alan Carr. ©Baby Cow Productions

Alan Carr’s semi-autobiographical comedy drama returns for a second series after its success on ITVX. Set in Northampton in the 1980s, the series follows young Alan as he navigates puberty and family life. With his father distracted by football, Alan faces challenges and adventures, capturing the humour and heart of his early years.


Slip (ITVX)

Mae Cannon’s life takes an unexpected turn when a one-night stand leads her into a parallel universe. In this unique series, Mae navigates different relationships and universes, trying to find her way back to her husband and herself. Slip offers a fresh take on love and identity through its fantastical premise.


The Twelve Series 2 (ITVX)

Set in the rural township of Tunkwell, The Twelve returns with a new murder trial involving local landowner Bernice Price. Twelve jurors from diverse backgrounds must decide the fate of two ex-lovers accused of her murder. The series delves into the personal lives of the jurors and legal team, exploring the complexities of justice in a tight-knit community.

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