Small Fortune: All about Dermot O’Leary’s new game show

Contestants face miniature challenges in the 'world's smallest physical gameshow'

The X Factor frontman Dermot O’Leary has signed up to present ‘Small Fortune’, here’s all about the new ITV game show.


Described as the “world’s smallest physical gameshow”, Small Fortune involves teams of friends or family members attempting to win big money by playing tiny games.

Each round takes place in a different miniature world, ranging from a replica of Stonehenge to a pint-size version of Coronation Street pub The Rovers Return.

If the contestants hold their nerve and avoid slip-ups, they could bank up to £150,000

However, the slightest mistake could mean that they’ll lose out.

The show comes from Youngest Media, the production company founded by the minds behind Pointless and The Million Pound Drop.

“We did the pilot and had a hoot,” revealed Dermot. “I am delighted to be hosting this show. It’s a funny, quirky and clever show, that grabbed me from the off, I hope the viewers enjoy watching it as much as we enjoyed making it”.


Joe Mace, ITV commissioning editor for entertainment, said: “If it’s true that fortune favours the brave, then Small Fortune favours the bravest.

“Great things come in small packages, and we hope the audience will agree. We are absolutely delighted that Dermot is hosting this exciting new series.”

Youngest’s David Flynn added: “Anyone can play our games but you have to have nerves of steel to win big.

“With huge emotion and massive jeopardy as players put everything on the line, we’re hoping our tiny gameshow is the next big thing.”

Small Fortune airs at 7PM on Saturday nights on ITV. You can watch episodes online and catch up for free (UK viewers) via the ITV Hub.

If you think you have the patience to conquer the tiny challenges, you can now audition for Small Fortune.


Budding contestants can apply for the show online by clicking here.

Small Fortune filmed at Pinewood Studios in September in 2018 before launching on ITV in 2019.

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