Death in Paradise Christmas special cast and air date


Here’s who’s on the cast of the Death in Paradise’s 2023 Christmas special as it airs on TV.

In the Caribbean during Christmas, Neville’s vivacious mother Melanie visits, concerned about his romantic woes following a tough couple of years.

Meanwhile, a complex case unfolds as wealthy Gerry is found dead at a ravine’s bottom, his last words “It’s behind you” hinting at foul play. The mystery deepens when a family house guest disappears, prompting her fiancé’s urgent arrival to join the search.

When is the Death in Paradise Christmas special on TV?

You can tune in for the festive special on Tuesday, 26 December at 9PM on BBC One.

The episode will also be available on BBC iPlayer to watch live and on catch up.

Ralf Little as DI Neville Parker in the Death In Paradise Christmas special

Who’s on the cast?

  • Ralf Little plays DI Neville Parker
  • Don Warrington plays Commissioner Selwyn Patterson
  • Shantol Jackson plays DS Naomi Thomas
  • Tahj Miles plays Officer Marlon Pryce
  • Ginny Holder plays Officer Darlene Curtis
  • Elizabeth Bourgine plays Catherine Bordey
  • Geoff Bell plays Gerry Stableforth
  • Youssef Kerkour plays Dave Chadwick
  • Patsy Kensit plays Bella Stableforth
  • Doon Mackichan plays Melanie Parker
  • Leila Khan plays Riley Biggs
  • Amelia Clarkson plays Mariana Stableforth
  • Bronagh Waugh plays Debbie Clumson
  • Freddy Carter plays Benjamin Stableforth

Following the Christmas special, Death in Paradise will return for a brand new series in the New Year.

Shot on the picturesque French Caribbean Island of Guadeloupe, Death in Paradise revolves around the investigative team of Saint Marie, tackling intricate and enigmatic murder mysteries, complemented by a remarkable lineup of guest stars every episode.

In 2024, the show will persist in providing engrossing escapism, captivating mysteries, and challenging puzzles, ensuring to engage its audience for many years ahead.

Meanwhile, a second season of spin-off Beyond Paradise is in the pipeline. Plus, a new Australian spin-off is in the works.