Davina McCall thinks Big Brother should’ve been rebooted during lockdown

Davina McCall says it would have been “genius” to reboot Big Brother during lockdown.

The former host of the hit reality series – which last aired in 2018 on Channel 5 – says the show would make for perfect TV during quarantine.

However Davina revealed that no revival appears to be forthcoming, sharing with The Sun newspaper: “I haven’t even heard a rumbling.”

She told the publication in a new interview: “We are just about to come out of lockdown so we’ve missed it, but this pandemic would be the most genius time to put 13 strangers into a house for 13 weeks, while the rest of us are also locked in.

“It’s crazy. It would have been a great time, but that’s been and gone. So I don’t know. The anniversary was last year. So, we missed that.”

Davina, who now stars on The Masked Singer on ITV, pointed out that the show was expensive to make and that “times are hard” in television because of the pandemic.

“We could really all do with that but I just don’t know if it’s going to happen,” she added.

A potential Celebrity Big Brother reboot was vaguely rumoured last year, with E4 reportedly planning on airing on the show in 2021.

As yet there has been no confirmed news about if we’ll ever see Big Brother on UK TV again.

Rylan Clark-Neal, who won the Celebrity show and hosted spin-off Bit On The Side, said in 2020 he was still ‘fighting’ for the show.

After hosting an anniversary special on Channel 4 with Davina, Rylan said: “I will always sit here and fight for it to come back.

“Do I think it needed some rest? No, I didn’t think it needed the rest. I just think it needed changing and I think two years off has made people want it even more. It’s the format that works and it’s the original reality show.”

Big Brother first made its debut in 2000 on Channel 4 before moving to Channel 5 in 2011.