Rylan Clark-Neal is still fighting to bring Big Brother back

Rylan Clark-Neal is still hopeful Big Brother will return to screens.

The show was last broadcast in 2018 on Channel 5 after first airing in 2000 on Channel 4.

Rylan, who won Celebrity Big Brother and hosted spin-off Bit On The Side, recently fronted a special 20th anniversary highlight show with Davina McCall.

And Rylan thinks the success of the celebration series proved there’s still an audience for Big Brother.

“It went well, it went really well. It was trending on Twitter every night and everyone was talking about it,” he told The Sun newspaper.

Rylan went on: “I will always sit here and fight for it to come back. Do I think it needed some rest? No, I didn’t think it needed the rest.

“I just think it needed changing and I think two years off has made people want it even more. It’s the format that works and it’s the original reality show.”

Rylan went on to brand rival reality shows such as Love Island “too scripted”.

“No disrespect to any other shows because it works for them, but Big Brother is the only real reality show,” Rylan said. “Although Big Brother can throw a task in or a surprise eviction or things like that, no producer walks in and goes, ‘Can we tape that again? Can you stand over there and do that again?’”

It was recently claimed that a Celebrity Big Brother revival was in the works to air in 2021 on E4.

The Daily Star on Sunday newspaper reported that programme makers were keen to air a new series – with Davina back in charge.

“Davina has been approached about the potential of returning to present Celebrity Big Brother again,” a source claimed. “She is the undisputed queen of the show, so it would be a dream to have her back.

You can catch up on Big Brother’s recent special series on Channel 4 here.

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