Charlotte Crosby slams Strictly Come Dancing for ‘banning’ reality stars

Charlotte Crosby has hit out at Strictly Come Dancing over its rumoured ‘reality star ban’.


The BBC One series is said to have banned celebs from shows such as Love Island and Geordie Shore from taking part in the competition.

And Charlotte, who rose to fame on MTV’s Geordie Shore, thinks Strictly is “stuck up”.

“Strictly Come Dancing’s not my cup of tea,” she said this week. “It might just be a stigma but like it seems very stuck up. I don’t mean that in a bad way, but it’s very posh. That’s probably a better way of saying it. And I’m just not about that.

“The second I have to walk into a room and feel like people are judging us and looking at us, I’m walking back out the room. I’ve got better things to be f*****g doing. Do you know what I mean?”

In an interview with The Sun newspaper, Charlotte instead heaped praise on ITV’s “fun” Dancing On Ice.

“It’s bubbly, it’s full of life and laughter. Holly and Phil and everything about it is amazing. I think it’s a very down to earth show,” she said.


Currently appearing in her own MTV series The Charlotte Show, Charlotte added: “Whereas Strictly Come Dancing, there’s something about it that’s just about it. I’ve not even turned it on me telly. I don’t even watch it.”

Craig Revel Horwood claimed last year he was behind Strictly’s supposed ‘ban’ on reality stars.

He said it came about when Gemma Collins – currently appearing on Dancing On Ice – revealed hopes of wanting to take part.

“I created that, thank goodness.,” Craig said. “Well that was Gemma Collins, who wanted to make her merry way on the show and try to hold the BBC to ransom after falling down a hole.

“The ransom was that she wouldn’t sue if she went on Strictly and I went, ‘There’s no way that’s going to happen’. Yeah, I did.”

Craig had previously taken aim at Gemma’s hopes of appearing on Strictly, despite admitting she would make for a “fun” celebrity contestant.

“Gemma Collins would be fun on the show but it’s not very often that we have reality stars take to the ballroom,” he said.

Craig added: “We generally have people of a higher calibre than that.”

Gemma responded to Craig’s jibe and said she would prove him wrong if given the chance.


“I find his comment funny,” Gemma responded. “I’m not low rent, Craig. We’ve all got to start somewhere and it’s a shame to just knock someone out of giving them a chance because they don’t think I’m high calibre enough.”

Strictly Come Dancing will begin on BBC One in the autumn.