Channel 4 explore Jeremy Kyle Show in new documentary – how to watch online now

Channel 4 Jeremy Kyle documentary - air date, episodes and where to watch online

A new Channel 4 documentary on The Jeremy Kyle Show is available now to watch online.

ITV axed Jeremy Kyle’s controversial talk show in 2019 after almost 15 years on air.

Now a new documentary from Channel 4 “aims to tell the wider story of The Jeremy Kyle Show, exploring the impact it had on British culture and the lives of those who appeared on it”.

Jeremy Kyle Show: Death On Daytime will air over two episodes on TV on Sunday, 13 March and Monday, 14 March at 9PM on Channel 4.

Alternatively, you can watch the full documentary online now via All 4 player here.

A synopsis of the two parter shares: “Show-guests, their loved ones, and production team whistleblowers tell the shocking inside story of how after 14 years ruling daytime TV, The Jeremy Kyle Show ended up being cancelled and disgraced following the death of a participant.

“In 2019, Steve Dymond took his own life after failing a lie detector test on the programme. Now others whose lives were turned upside down by the show tell their own heart-rending stories.

“With candid testimony and behind-the-scenes footage, this powerful documentary series lifts the veil on the scandal behind the hit series.”

The programme will be made by the same team behind Channel 4’s Jade: The Reality Star Who Changed Britain and comes from producer Barry Ronan and director Kira Phillips who previously worked on Teachers Training To Kill and My Baby’s Life: Who Decides?

Alisa Pomeroy, Channel 4’s senior commissioning editor of factual, said: “These award-winning programme makers will undoubtedly explore some incredibly important issues raised by the making of these type of programmes.

“The film will also seek to explain why they had such mass appeal and generated a huge amount of social comment, which still continues today.”

Executive producer Graeme McAulay added: “We’re hoping this series will contribute to a greater public understanding of the impact and complexities involved in programmes like The Jeremy Kyle Show and explore why it continues to divide opinion.”

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