Channel 4 deny reports Naked Attraction has been axed after seven years

Channel 4 has denied its nude dating show Naked Attraction has been cancelled.

The, err, unique dating show first premiered back in 2016 and sees singletons paired up based on what they look like nude.

The first series made headlines as it showcased an average of five penises and two vaginas per minute, probably a record for a TV show.

Anna Richardson
Anna Richardson

Hosted by fully clothed TV presenter Anna Richardson, Naked Attraction sees the picker will once again whittle down a group of six potential suitors, who are stood naked in a pod, one body part at a time, based on what they find least attractive.

However after seven years it was reported that the dating show was one of a number of Channel 4 shows set to be axed.

The Daily Mail claimed that recent reality show Scared Of The Dark and documentary series Rescue: Extreme Medics were also on the chopping block.

“Everyone is calling it a Channel 4 bloodbath,” a source told the publication.

But a spokesperson for the broadcaster has denied that Naked Attraction would be dropped, saying: “Naked Attraction has not been decommissioned and a new series will return to Channel 4 next year.”

They added: “Channel 4 is in robust health, however, like all commercial broadcasters we’re taking some precautionary measures, such as rephrasing some content and production, in response to a downturn in the ad-market.

“The vast majority of our shows have not been affected.”

For now you can catch up on Naked Attraction on

Alongside the main series, host Anna Richardson recently teamed up with Yinka Bokinni for spin-off series Naked Education.

Airing in April, the show is described as a “body-positive, educational series aiming to normalise all body types, champion people’s differences and break down stereotypes.”

Meanwhile, a planned celebrity special of Naked Attraction was reportedly dropped in 2022 after failing to find stars willing to bare all on TV.