Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins 2023 results: Which celebs made it to the end?


Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins latest series came to a dramatic end tonight.

This evening (Sunday, 5 November) revealed who of this year’s celebrity contestants had what it takes to pass the condensed version of SAS selection.

In the last 48 hours, the remaining five recruits – Matt Hancock, Gareth Gates, Danielle Lloyd, Teddy Soares & Perri Shakes Drayton – faced a brutal interrogation overseen by Chief Instructor, Billy Billingham MBE QCB and his team of Directing Staff (DS), Foxy (Jason Fox), Rudy Reyes and Chris Oliver.

Gareth, Matt and Danielle

In the climactic episode, the celebrity contestants found themselves prisoners of a formidable Hunter Force in the depths of the Vietnamese wilderness.

Deprived of their clothing and possessions, they faced the grim reality of confinement in preparation for rigorous interrogation.

Celebrity SAS: Who Dares Wins results

As the episode reached its conclusion, only THREE celebrity recruits remained – Matt Hancock, Gareth Gates and Danielle Lloyd.

Foxy said: “Selection is the hardest thing these celebrities could choose to do in their lives. It’s all about trust. I look at the people that are stood in front of us, and I ask myself, in the darkest of dark places, would I have that person stood next to me?”

At the end of the course, the DS lined the final three recruits up and Billy told them: “F**king good effort. All of you. Now you chose to come on what is, without a shadow of a doubt, the most brutal course in the world. So stand proud.”

He then announced: “Congratulations, Number 7 (Gareth). You passed… this course.”


Speaking about his time on the show, Gareth said: “It was a really crazy experience. To hear the DS at the end, when Billy said, “there’s only one person we’d actually stand shoulder to shoulder with. And that’s you number seven.” That was a really amazing feeling.”

He added: “I think winning, or, passing was amazing but being the only one really meant a lot to me. Realising that this is real for these DS, was really eye opening. We’re just here creating a TV show but this is what they’ve had to do for real. I just had huge respect for them, that they have to go through this for real whilst protecting our country.”

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