SAS Who Dares Wins contestants and spoilers from Channel 4 series

SAS Who Dares Wins 2019 contestants and recruits

SAS Who Dares Wins concludes on Channel 4 tonight with its brand new series and its new group of contestants.


And this year, for the first time, SAS Who Dares Wins will add women to the mix.

In a landmark moment for the British Special Forces, the MOD has announced that in 2019 SAS selection will open to women for the very first time. Following suit, SAS Who Dares Wins 2019 will see a group of 25 men and women high into the spectacular and punishing Andes Mountains in Central Chile.

Over six episodes, they’ll face the longest and toughest course that the DS have ever designed, spanning over eleven gruelling days, in a hostile and unforgiving winter warfare environment.

The recruits will eat, sleep and wash together – no allowances will be made for gender – as their mental and physical strength is tested to the limits.

Back again to put them through this punishing course will be Chief Instructor Ant Middleton and his Directing Staff (DS) Foxy, Ollie and Billy. They’ve never worked with women on this course and have no idea how many will make the grade… but they want to find out.

As the recruits progress through the course, they’ll be forced to confront surprising truths about themselves to discover their real characters. Will they have what it takes to make it through this unique version of SAS selection?


SAS Who Dares Wins 2019 airs Sundays at 9pm on Channel 4. You can watch episodes and catch up online via Channel 4’s All4 service.

SAS Who Dares Wins spoilers

In this week’s final of six episodes, in this final episode the remaining four men and four women go into the most psychologically demanding test so far: resistance to interrogation.

A team of professional interrogators subject the recruits to stress positions, white noise and relentless grilling. Can any of the recruits prove that they are mentally and physically strong enough to pass this unique version of SAS selection?

SAS Who Dares Wins: contestants

SAS: Who Dares Wins contestants
Cameron, Sharissa, Nathaniel, Kat, Stacy, Vicki, Mark, Julie, Rick, Nadine, Sam, Tracey

The female recruits

Laura: 25-year-old Police Community Support Officer from Hertfordshire
Louise: 29-year-old Midwife from South West England
Lou: 40-year-old Surgeon from Scotland
Nadine: 34-year-old Aviation Firefighter from Scotland

Tracey: 34-year-old Security guard from North West England
Esmee: 27-year-old Fitness Instructor and motivational speaker from Essex
Hannah: 26-year-old Shepherd/Farmer from Cumbria
Julie: 33-year-old Police Officer from Hampshire

Katherine (Kat): 31-year-old Communications for the Civil Service from Hampshire
Saranya: 19-year-old Student from Hertfordshire
Sharissa: 26-year-old Personal Trainer from Wiltshire
Vicki: 40-year-old Business Owner and Fitness Instructor from South East England

The male recruits

Mark: 31-year-old Firefighter from Yorkshire
Milo: 25-year-old Water Engineer from South West of England
Nathaniel: 27-year-old Student from East Midlands
Rick: 33-year-old Lawyer from North West of England

Samuel: 26-year-old Personal Trainer/ Gym co-owner from South East of Englan
Cameron: 19-year-old Warehouse worker and Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) fighter from Merseyside
James: 34-year-old PR Director from South East of England
James: 39-year-old Personal Trainer from North West of England

Michael: 36-year-old Actor and Author from South West of England
Qashif: 34-year-old Data Engineer from Yorkshire
Richard: 33-year-old Firefighter and dream boy from Wales
Stacy: 44-year-old Wood Machinist from East Midlands


There are six episodes of SAS Who Dares Wins airing at 9PM on Sunday nights on Channel 4.

Meanwhile the first ever SAS Who Dares Wins celebrity special will air later this year.