Celebrity Juice: Mollie King goes commando on latest episode

Who's on Celebrity Juice tonight?

Mollie King goes commando on tonight’s Celebrity Juice as it turns to ITV2 tonight with a brand new episode.

This evening’s show is the second in the current series, airing at 10PM on ITV2.

As always, Keith Lemon hosts the outrageous comedy panel show, which sees team captains Holly Willoughby and Fearne Cotton going head to head in a series of ridiculous and hilarious games.

Joining the panel this week are pop songstress Mollie King, top comic Jimmy Carr, EastEnders actor Richard Blackwood and the hilarious Paddy McGuinness.

In this evening’s show, Jimmy gets to share a kiss with ‘Kim Kardashian’.

celebrity juice 2017

Keith surprises the panellists with the news that he is about to introduce a very special A-list guest who wants to pop by. It is revealed to be none other than Kim Kardashian… well, it is actually someone with a hat pulled over their head and a face drawn on their torso – the nipples are eyes and the mouth is the belly button.

One by one the panellists are asked to come up, and for a point for their team, kiss Kim on the mouth.

Elsewhere, the panel play a game of ‘What underwear is Mollie King wearing tonight?’

Keith asks: “What colour underwear is Mollie King wearing right now?”

Fearne asks: “Shall I have a look?”

Jimmy declares confidently: “I’m going with commando”

Fearne quizzes Mollie: “Have you got any on?”

celebrity juice 2017

Mollie shakes her head: “No”

Keith reacts: “She hasn’t got any on!” before saluting The Saturdays’ star.

Celebrity Juice airs tonight at 10pm on ITV2