Celebrity Big Brother SPOILER! New nominations twist ahead of final

AJ and Will

Big Brother has unveiled a brand new nominations twist ahead of the Celebrity Big Brother final.


Fresh from Friday’s latest eviction results, which saw two housemates get the boot, another eviction is looming.

We already know that Nikita Kuzmin will face the next Celebrity Big Brother eviction after receiving a ‘killer nomination’ in the latest episode.

However in a further twist, Fern has the power to change another housemate’s eviction fate.

In the house on Sunday, Big Brother called a housemate to the Diary Room and Fern was the first to arrive.

She found a snake and pot of gold. Fern was told she had to place the snake on another housemate’s bed and that housemate would be evicted.



However, in reality, the housemate that Fern chooses will instead be immune from eviction and secure their place in Friday’s final.

In the latest highlights show, Big Brother transformed the house into a wicked fairytale kingdom. Housemates were tasked with adhering to strict rules and overcoming various quests to demonstrate their virtue, intelligence, and bravery.

Housemates initially arranged themselves on a spectrum from ‘good’ to ‘evil,’ with Louis deemed the most nefarious. When asked about his most wicked deed, Louis humorously claimed responsibility for unleashing numerous bad pop songs upon the public.

Louis and Zeze, identified as the most ‘evil’ housemates, assumed control of the fairytale kingdom. They spent their day in the tower, emerging only to address their subjects, while enjoying a lavish diet, in stark contrast to the other housemates who were relegated to gruel and bread.

In a twist, Louis and Zeze selected Nikita, David, and Bradley as the ‘brainless’ housemates, sending them to Wicked Big Brother’s tea party. There, they faced a challenge involving answering questions correctly to match and consume a corresponding ‘evil’ meal, including unusual delicacies like pate and korma mackerel cakes, and wasabi and shrimp scones.

Another task involved housemates trying to fill a vial with their tears, testing their ability to express genuine emotion and win the shopping task, or risk being left with a basic budget.

Throughout the day, tensions flared between rulers Louis and Zeze as they struggled to make unanimous decisions for the shopping task. Their disagreement became evident when choosing the three ‘heartless’ subjects, revealing a rift in their alliance.

The task culminated in a dramatic moment where housemates were gathered and tasked with nominating one among them for a killer nomination, thus directly facing eviction.

David, Colson Fern and Nikita put themselves forward and it was Nikita who ultimately put up for the next eviction.


He will join the housemates who get the most votes in the next nominations results.

Celebrity Big Brother airs nightly on ITV1 and ITVX, including live feed sessions.