Celeb Cooking School cast and episodes (2024)

Celeb Cooking School cast of series 2

Celeb Cooking School returns to E4 in 2024 for series two with a brand new cast.

The show will feature a collection of celebrities who admit to being hesitant in the kitchen as they dive into the culinary world.

Legendary chef Giorgio Locatelli re-opens his cookery school to prove that he can teach anyone how to cook – even clueless celebrities

Cast of Celeb Cooking School

Those on the line up of Celeb Cooking School are:

  • Made in Chelsea royalty Liv Bentley
  • Geordie Shore hunk Scotty T
  • Dancing legend Louie Spence
  • Actor Ruth Codd
  • Lawyer Nancy Dell’Olio
  • Drag Race champion Blu Hydrangea
  • Rapper Nadia Rose
  • Reality star James Argent

They’re determined to demonstrate to Giorgio that they are not the least skilled chef in the group.

When is Celeb Cooking School on TV?

The new series of Celebrity Cooking School will begin on E4 on Monday, 8 January at 8PM.

Series 2 will have eight episodes which will continue on Monday – Thursday nights on E4. You’ll also be able to watch online on Channel4.com.

Episode guide

Episode 1: Culinary Challenges and First Eliminations

In the inaugural episode, chef Giorgio Locatelli navigates through culinary disasters including a disastrous gammon joint and a catastrophic curry. The celebrity students are paired up to prepare Locatelli’s signature dishes: stuffed gnocchi and an Eton mess meringue sphere. As the competition heats up, one celebrity faces expulsion.


Episode 2: Emotional Highs and Kitchen Clashes

Chef Giorgio Locatelli experiences an emotional rollercoaster when James ‘Arg’ Argent presents a disastrous tempura sushi. The kitchen becomes a battleground with Ruth and Scotty T almost clashing over a chicken Kiev and panna cotta task. Meanwhile, Louie harbours a growing fondness for the Chef.


Episode 3: Cake Catastrophes and Kitchen Chaos

Day three at the cooking school brings the challenge of creating personalised sponge cakes. James ‘Arg’ Argent struggles to impress with his wedding cake, while Scotty T’s raw effort sends him to the school nurse. The afternoon’s paired cooking task culminates in a tense showdown, especially when Nancy Dell’Olio presents an empty plate to a dismayed Chef Locatelli.


Episode 4: Midway Meltdowns and Culinary Expulsions

The competition intensifies at its midpoint. Nancy Dell’Olio, Scotty T, and Blu Hydrangea face off in a crab-based challenge. The task of preparing Beef Wellington and zuppa inglese proves overwhelming for some, leading to the expulsion of two students. Amidst the tension, one student manages to shine.


Episode 5: Pasta Perils and a Surprising Twist

The celebrities tackle the art of making pasta from scratch, followed by the challenge of creating a unique pasta dish. The afternoon session involves replicating two luxurious dishes, leading to a chaotic kitchen environment. An unexpected twist results in an unforeseen member joining the bottom three, while a new top student emerges.


Episode 6: Pigeon Butchery and Ravioli Mishaps

Chef Locatelli shocks the students with a pigeon butchery task, leaving one celebrity particularly unsettled. The afternoon’s unassisted egg yolk ravioli challenge tests the celebs’ culinary skills, with less-than-stellar results.


Episode 7: The Semi-Final Showdown

In the semi-final, the celebrities must transform choux pastry into animal shapes and prepare a main course and dessert from scratch. They’re joined by surprise sous chefs who might be more disruptive than helpful in this high-stakes round.


Episode 8: The Grand Finale

The final test for Giorgio Locatelli’s students is their most challenging yet. They must master duck flambé using blow torches and impress during a blind-tasting by their loved ones. Only two contestants advance to the ultimate challenge of preparing a three-course feast for food critics, including perfectly seared scallops and a delicate raspberry souffle. The winner will be crowned the series champion and Best in Class.


Celeb Cooking School first aired in 2022 with a line up including Kerry Katona and Sam Thompson.

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