Caroline Flack reveals the truth behind the Strictly Come Dancing ‘curse’

Caroline Flack has revealed the truth behind the Strictly Come Dancing ‘curse’.

Strictly has been blamed for ruining relationships and creating new ones between the celebs and their pro dance partners.

While Caroline wasn’t a ‘victim of the curse’, she does have a theory as to why it happens – and it’s not what you’d expect.

She told the HuffPost UK: “People always say about the Strictly curse and people getting together because they must be getting sexy the whole time – it’s not because of that.

“It’s because you see each other at your worst.”

Caroline went on: “You’re grumpy, you’re sweaty and you build this team together, so I can see how people get together within the series.

“You spend so much time with each other, and you really only see each other for that whole week.”

Meanwhile, Caroline said she’d love to return to the series after winning the show in 2014.

Asked if she’d go back for a Christmas or charity special, Caroline said: “I’d love to. [In a] heartbeat.

“Once you’ve done it once, you get the bug to go back definitely. I won’t be able to do it this year, but any other year.”

However despite winning Strictly, Caroline says dancing still makes her nervous.

The Love Island host confessed: “I used to sing when I was younger, I was in a band, so I’m not nervous about the singing.

“I’m more nervous about getting the dancing right!”