Fans slam BGT’s latest series: ‘The worst yet’

Bruno Tonioli on Britain's Got Talent

The latest series of Britain’s Got Talent is facing serious backlash.

Viewers have dubbed it ‘the worst yet,’ slamming the show for ‘overproduction’ and a lack of British acts.

Saturday night’s episode was particularly frustrating for many with the overuse of slow-motion effects drew heavy criticism.

One fan on X declared, “This might be the worst series of #BGT yet.”

They complained about “the overproduction, unnecessary slow-mos, and influencer acts approached by the producers.”

Phoenix Boys
Phoenix Boys on Britain’s Got Talent

Another viewer agreed: “There’s far more slow mos, cuts, adverts, chit-chat, and other shiz than actual act footage.”

A third added: “Another #BGT performance that @ITV ruined for the viewer by constantly overusing slow motion.”

Yet another viewer joked: “This show is actually 30 minutes long without the slow-mo button.”

The lack of of British acts has also caused complaints.

The latest instalment welcomed contestants from Italy, Korea and Canada.

“Britains Got Talent?? More like it doesn’t seeing as every other act is from another country. We should be celebrating British acts” one viewer criticised.

Another raged: “Another foreign act getting a golden buzzer! It’s getting to be a joke this program! What happened to BRITAIN’S Got Talent!”

Simon Cowell shocked on Britain's Got Talent

Simon previously defended the series for showcasing acts from other countries.

“If we find someone who genuinely is fantastic and we think our audience wants to see them, then we’ll put them on,” he said. “Then it’s up to the public to decide the eventual winner.”

He added: “When someone comes from another country with something we think our audience will love there’s no reason not to put them on.

“I like the mixture of the Brits and the rest of the world because for me it makes it more of a competition.”

Britain’s Got Talent airs Saturdays at 7:30PM on ITV1.