Britain’s Got Talent winner Lost Voice Guy releases his own book

Lost Voice Guy autobiography book

Britain’s Got Talent winner Lost Voice Guy has released his own book following his victory on last year’s show.

Lost Voice Guy – aka 37-year-old Lee Ridley – lives in Newcastle, were he works as a full-time stand-up comedian.

He won Britain’s Got Talent last year after topping the public vote with his stand up act.

Lee has cerebral palsy, and after falling ill as a baby was left unable to speak. He uses a ‘text-to-speech’ app on his iPad to communicate and deliver his jokes.

This week Lee published a book about his life and career, titled I’m Only In It for the Parking: Life and laughter from the priority seats.

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A synopsis of the book reads:

What’s the worst thing about being disabled? Is it the shameless staring? Is it that people assume you’re a bit thick because you can’t speak? Or is it that your friends always take you to theme parks just so they can jump the queues?

In fact, it’s the stupid questions that really rile Lee Ridley, aka Lost Voice Guy. And over the years he’s been inundated with them, from people who have failed to engage their brains before opening their mouths. Which is where I’m Only In It for the Parking comes in – think of it as a disabled FAQ, with funny (sometimes painfully funny) stories from Lee’s not-so-ordinary life.

If you think you know what it’s like to be disabled, prepare to have your perceptions skewed by the much-loved Britain’s Got Talent winner, the brilliant stand-up who struggles to stand up, the Geordie without the accent. And before you ask … no, he really can’t speak at all. But he definitely has something to say.

Winning BGT last year, Lost Voice Guy Lee took home the £250,000 prize and a spot on the Royal Variety Show.

Speaking in 2018, Lee said he would spend the prize money on rewarding those who have helped his comedy career.

“I’d like to help the people who got me to where I am,” he told the Daily Mirror. “I have several support workers who help me get to all of my gigs so I’d like to reward them.

“My family have always supported me as well – and let’s face it, doing stand-up comedy when you can’t even speak is a pretty crazy dream – so I’d buy them all something nice too.”

Lee also joked he wanted to spend some of the money on getting a Geordie accent for his iPad.