Brian from The Traitors reveals show secrets

Brian on The Traitors

Brian from The Traitors has revealed all about his time on the show.

Playing as a faithful, Brian found himself booted out by his fellow players at the end of the fourth episode in a dramatic roundtable.

After being termed a “sheep” during a mission, Brian brought up the issue in a roundtable discussion that spiralled into chaos, culminating in his departure from the show.

In an exclusive interview with Virgin Radio, Brian described the experience as “an imperfect storm”. While initially unaffected by the label, he admitted that it increasingly played on his mind.

He shared: “There were a few people around the table that I was very close with… Paul and Ross, primarily… and when they didn’t back me up, I was like, ‘Why are they not backing me up? Are they being a Traitor and thinking, ‘Oh, this is chaos. Chaos is good for a traitor. I’m going to sit back and let this happen’?

Paul on Traitors

“So I was like, ‘Are they both traitors, or is one of them a Traitor?’ So I was like, ‘That’s the only name I’ve got to put down’. So, I actually did put Ash first, rubbed it out, because I didn’t really believe that. And then I put Paul.”

Unaware at the time he was spot on with his decision, Brian confessed: “Even though I put Paul down, in that moment, again because I was all spun out and frazzled, I was like, ‘I don’t think you’re a Traitor’, because no-one’s 100 percent sure when you put a name down. So actually, I should have just said: ‘You’d never backed me up, you’re a Traitor, and I would have looked awesome!”

Brian reflected on the roundtable drama: “I was quite nervous, and it’s a shame because, obviously, you can’t judge someone at the roundtable, because it’s a nerve-wracking thing. You’re sat there for ages in silence all judging each other, then you’re arguing and it’s a debate and I’m maybe not necessarily good in debates.

“I’d recently been diagnosed with ADHD before. So I was still coming to terms on this learning journey of myself, I’m still coming to terms with what I was like as a person, why I was having these thoughts and how many thoughts. So I was trying to get all that out at the same time.”

As for watching it all unfold on TV, Brian added: “During the roundtable when it was crazy… I think it was seven different names at the start. And I was like, ‘This is such good TV’. But then I’d flip right back to ‘Oh my god’ panicking!”

Meanwhile, chatting before the series began, Brian spoke about his reasons for signing up and his game plan.

“I watched the first series and, obviously, really enjoyed it,” he shared. I like that it’s different and it’s a sort of mystery, whodunnit, type thing. I am also familiar with the format because every Christmas I play a game called Werewolves with my family which is quite similar. I also want to test myself.

“Whenever I’m watching TV, I always think “I could do that” even for shows like SAS: Who Dares Wins, although in retrospect I’d probably last two minutes and then start crying. I felt the same way when watching The Traitors and now I get the opportunity to see if I will be any good!”

“My game plan is to not have a game plan and take everything as it happens. I don’t know what I’m going to be yet so can’t have too much of a game plan as it might change,” he added. “I’m wanting to go for the experience, so I really am going to enjoy myself. I don’t take life too seriously so won’t take anything to heart.”

The Traitors continues Wednesday – Friday nights at 9PM on BBC One.

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