Blue Lights series 2 is “bigger, bolder and more dramatic”

Blue Lights cast of series two

One year after captivating audiences with its gritty portrayal of life behind the badge in Belfast, Blue Lights is set to return with a second series that plunges deeper into the city’s underworld, challenging its characters like never before.


The series, which left a significant mark with its authentic depiction of the pressures faced by rookie officers, promises an even more intense exploration of Belfast’s drug and crime problems.

The entire second series will be available on BBC iPlayer from 6am on Monday 15 April, with its premiere on BBC One at 9PM.

In reflecting on the journey back to the series, co-creator Declan Lawn shared: “Coming back for series two was like coming back to meet old friends and then devising new ways to put your old friends through torture. It was a joy to be back filming again.”

Fellow co-creator Adam Patterson echoed this sentiment, describing their return as a “dream come true,” particularly for the opportunity it presented to tell the story of their hometown.

Stevie Neil (Martin McCann) and Grace Ellis (Siân Brooke)
Stevie Neil (Martin McCann) and Grace Ellis (Siân Brooke) Credit: Two Cities Television/BBC

Overwhelming success

The duo admitted to being taken aback by the show’s initial success, with Adam stating: “The success of the show caught us off-guard because even though we had high hopes for it, you never know how people are going to react.”

Declan added that the overwhelming response to the first series was largely due to its heartfelt nature, saying: “The success of series one has at times been overwhelming and that’s because the show is our hearts on the screen. When other people reacted emotionally to it, that really struck us.”


Blue Lights resonated with audiences thanks to its relatable themes, as Declan explained: “It’s hyper local yet universal in its themes. Everyone has started a new job, has felt under pressure, and to some extent, everyone has found a family that’s not their own family.”

Adam further emphasised the show’s appeal, noting: “We all need love, hope and optimism in our lives to get through great difficulty and I think that’s why Blue Lights has hit on that universal theme where people around the world see a bit of themselves.”

Tommy Foster (Nathan Braniff) and Annie Conlon (Katherine Devlin)
Tommy Foster (Nathan Braniff) and Annie Conlon (Katherine Devlin) (Image: Two Cities Television/BBC)

Bigger, bolder and more dramatic

The second series expands on the trials faced by its characters, with Declan revealing: “Series two is bigger, bolder and more dramatic.”

He described a city “under siege with drugs and petty crime,” and a story that revolves around a veteran’s one-man revolution against crime, significantly impacting the officers and the city. Adam highlighted the creative risks taken this season, including a focus on Belfast itself and the difficult questions the series poses about society.

Both creators expressed how personal and professionally fulfilling Blue Lights has been for them, with Adam stating: “This is our life’s work.”


Declan Lawn concluded: “Series one was about what it takes to do the job and series two is about what the job takes from you.”

Blue Lights series two two begins on 15 April on BBC One and iPlayer. A third and fourth series have already been announced.

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